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    Luxilon ALU power as a cross for Gut mains not all its cracked up to be

    Revolve will play well for a while - certainly more than 10 hours ++/- depending on your level of play. IMO its biggest bonus (Revolve black) is it’s dent resistance. With the exception of Hawk 1.25 I haven’t found another round poly (cross) that just doesn’t dent/notch at all. Yes, ALU is an...
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    How can you tell (feel) when a poly is going dead ?

    McLovin has it right. i think the easiest indicator is the lack of string movement meaning they’re notched (and shot). It’s easy to tell (on the fifteen or so I’ve tried). There are dent resistant strings making this check a little less obvious But it’s still a good checkpoint.
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    How do you convince yourself to play with an extremely valuable racquet?

    If you’re a collector of such items and intend to display or resell the stick as t play with it! Beyond that, does it make your game better?
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    Gut/4G vs Gut\Tourbite

    I agree, 4g is great in a hybrid but tends to dent and notch a little sooner than some others. All that said, it’s a no brained vs. the shaped Tourbite as a hybrid cross.
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    Obsessing over technique and never playing matches

    Haha. I was going to reply that I’ve tried that (playing mXd with wife and working on technique) and both activities went downhill faster than a soapbox car. I’ve suggested video many times...but that bombed out too!
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    Need clarification for opponent exclaiming during a point

    I can’t tell you what a hinderance is, but I know it when I see it. If it affected your prep or shot, call it. Mid it didn’t do either, chalk it up to playing in the bush leagues where ‘come on’ is thought to be Ok because it’s been heard on TV.
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    Wawrinka's real racquet specs

    Smash mouth tennis.
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    Djokovic v Federer v Sampras v McEnroe -original grass and racquets

    I guess my question is ‘how original’ is the equipment? The original stick each player used coming onto the scene? Pete bridged the gap it seems to me, as far as equipment goes and took advantage of it (even commenting on ‘Cheat-a-Lon’). If they played with wood and gut in a FB, Mac would...
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    Navratilova’s “RD-7”

    Nice find -
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    If Federer doesn't win a Slam in 2020, his stature won't be much better than Pete's

    Pete’s ‘stature’ is plenty good and if Fed never wins another GS, won’t people be marveling at how close he was at 38 to tacking on insurance runs? I think so.
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    Laver Cup Ridiculous Line-Ups

    Relax, it’s indoor. Rafa can’t play inside and Jack Sock has added another 300 rpm to his FH.
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    At 33 years old: Nadal 19 Slams - Federer 17 Slams

    Slam count or not, the King of Clay doesn’t have the ‘it’ required to carry tennis along as GOAT.
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    It’s crazy but it feels like Federer is out of the slam race

    Fed is a candidate to keep going (if he wants to) and while few have done it after his ripe old 38, some come to mind that made a mark past that age (Brady, Geordie Howe, Nolan Ryan, Jeter, etc.)
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    Women’s tennis is more exciting than men’s tennis now

    I watch because of the best of five sets they battle through, the court side coaching (and use of comfort animals) between sets and the special, heavier ball used just to slow the baseline bashing....
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    Race to YE#1 - Nadal leads Djokovic by ~ 2000 points

    Rafa single handedly manifests ‘winning ugly’. Gives Park players everywhere hope. So be it.