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    Surge of beginner adult players!

    Don’t worry, before long the USTA will scare them away too.
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    Fed's record in 5 setters with Djokovic and Nadal

    Fitness = Age = Fitness. Being in shape to finish strong over a 5 setter grows harder by the year after 33-4, and by the month @~35? Invesco has a ‘Champions tour’ made up of these guys (The Pasture Tour). Not to say Nole would have lost all 5 setters to a more prime Fed, but fact is RF hasn’t...
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    Djokovic is left alone in a tour with no competition

    Finally. Never could understanding how Nadal won anything with predictable, loopy BS he hit. Serve and volley him to death. Took a gutsy Diego to put in his place. Will LOVE to see the draw for RG...more than sure the powers to be are looking for the biggest fish for Rafa’s quarter.
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    Players with most single titles in an Open Era

    Math wasn’t the point of the post. Someone above snarked that minus Basel, Wimpy, blah blah blah, Fed would have...less. The numbers speak to longevity, or at least that’s my read.
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    Players with most single titles in an Open Era

    ...not unless they change every court surface to clay, no (not a chance).
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    Too Savage

    Didn’t watch The Screamer with the 66mph serve, but it sounds like either clay isnt Kenin’s best surface OR she is wildly over-rated. Wildly.
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    Federer getting ready for second career as a pop sensation

    ...not such a good thing, but for this song? Ok!
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    Tsitsipas - Time to sound the alarm?

    The Fly needs some grounding. And a professional coach/team, too.
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    Barricade coming back 2020?

    That’s my major takeaway. Barricades fit my foot (High arch, narrow) and with too many rolled ankles in my past, provide great lateral support. But I’m not payin’no $149.99 for a two year old shoe (design). Come on Adidas, that is if you expect people rotating a half dozen pair of 2-3 year...
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    Andreescu injury updates ?

    She should just TUE her way to a career. Has worked for several of WTA.
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    The Hypocrisy!

    Oh good, it’s clay season again. Bounce-hit. I had almost flushed last years’s version completely down the memory hole.
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    Mischa Zverev is a good guy

    Ahh, to be rich and carefree.
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    Who would have thought...........?

    yeah, he did that a few times but just as often hit a Talley ball back to a server for en extended point. And back to a guy who you KNOW is trying to just place a 2nd serve cookie back to the middle of the box. Why not move up to the baseline for those second serves. Make Sasha think even more...
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    New kind of hindrance

    Either wear the mask or stow it away. Leaving out for all to see is Nothing more than virtue signaling and worthy or DQ, yes.
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    Zverev: "I'm in the final of a Grand Slam. The two best players in the world are going to be playing on court."

    Proving that if you quit school at age 10 to play a sport, your brain gets no larger than a peanut....