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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I recently got the 16x19 version and am enjoying it so far. I hit a pretty flat ball and have appreciated the higher launch angle and little bit of extra spin. I had it strung with Hyper G Soft at 55 lbs. and, through a few hours of play, I can't say I've had too many issues with control. I have...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Jumping in to report my experience with the Blade v7 16x19. It doesn't seem very popular here, but I liked the demo and really like now that I have my own. I have it strung up with Hyper G Soft at 55 lbs, which I guess just goes to show what a big fan I am of soft-feeling sticks. The swingweight...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Very late to the party, but I recently purchased the 16x19 version for an "extended demo" and hit with it the first time this evening. Loved the buttery feel and control. The SW is much higher than my last racquet and my arm/shoulder started to tire towards the end of the session, but overall...
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    Looking to switch from my old Prince Tour 98 ESP

    Hi all, I've decided that 2021 is the year I'm going to try out some new racquets and potentially make a switch. I bought my current racquet, the Prince Tour 98 ESP, 4 years ago and even then it was a few model years old. It's really the only racquet I know at the moment, so I'd like to see...