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    Connors+Lendl: the perfect groundstroke

    So, by that logic, you’ve calling Connors himself an idiot? From his own admission he definitively said he uses a “continental type” grip.
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    Hitting flat, taking it on the rise.

    Hitting flat, taking it on the rise.
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    Jimmy Connors' Prince Mono

    I recently acquired an Experimental Mono, and it has a 4 5/8 grip size. It is different from my three other regular monos, in that the little weight inside the handle is in hardened silicon. The regular monos had a loose weight because the silicon melted into ooze. I had to get the three regular...
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    How long did Connors actually use the Pro Staff 85?

    I found this pic of Connors’ pro staff:
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    stringing wilson t2000 rackets

    Hi... I recently fell in love with a T2000, and made some inquiries around town. There is one stringer who claims to string these, but he asks between $50 and $60 to do the job. Is this a fair asking price? P.S. sorry for resurrecting an old thread...
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    Murray- will everyone finally shut up about him?

    It's just plain and simple... Murray will never be in the same league as champs like Federer and Nadal—both who are GREAT. The truth is—Murray's GOOD, but NOT great, and never will be great. It's sad, but true. Sorry Murray fans. The English will have to wait longer for a great one. But the...
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    Wall Street Journal Calls Murray a Pusher

    I wouldn't have so much a problem with Murray if he wasn't such a crybaby all the time. He acts like a spoiled child. If he could just learn some class it might earn him a bit more respect. He should drop the arrogant posturing, shut his trap, and play the game.
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    Lead up two-hander

    Where should a two-fisted (two-handed both sides) flat hitter lead up their racquet for best control? Don't need to know exactly how much lead, but would appreciate advice for location of lead. Thanks.
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    Del Porto might have won the slam but Murray is still the better player

    Murray's gig is up. Top 25 players are beginning to figure him out. He will lose more and more frequently. He plays like a puss. This entire thread is pathetic. Delpo is far and beyond better than Murray. I look forward to Delpo mopping up the stain that is Murray every time they play...
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    Why so much Murray hate?

    He's a crybaby, and acts like a spoiled brat, and thinks he is the world's best... it's not right to think you're the world's best if you can't win a slam. Let's see him win a few slams and then he can talk the trash. And he IS a pusher. And it DOES hold ground. Finally some lesser players are...
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    Why I don't like Del Potro...

    Once again... someone starts winning, and suddenly everyone feels threatened... :roll:
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    Montreal Masters + US Open = #1 Ranking for murray?

    That would Delpo's ranking be if he wins Montreal and US Open?
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    Del Potro vs Nadal

    If Delpo wins this tourn & the US Open, what would his rank be?