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    Better Backhand: Agassi or Djokovic

    Djokovic backhand is one of the best at changing the direction of the ball at a whim.
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    Good Federer video

    Gah spoiler alert, I haven't seen the Federer Sampras Wimbledon match yet
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    2013 Wimbledon SF: [2] Andy Murray vs. [24] Jerzy Janowicz

    Andy Murray came up big today, especially on serves.
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    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    I hate these commentators. STFU!
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    Are Nadal/Federer more athletic than the kings of other sports?

    Swimming, Michael Phelps.
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    An Important Lesson for Nadal "fans" today

    I don't see any threads of people making fun of his family affairs or demean his achievements. Everybody here openly respects Nadal for what he has done and if someone does say something about what he has won, it's only because it was done to Federer as well. I read some posts of your's just in...
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    Murray's workout

    Since you play tennis you should know that having a lot of muscle would only hinder your movement on the court. Andy is creating nice lean muscle along with muscle endurance by doing those exercises. A pro athlete especially in tennis isn't all about strength (they aren't body builders). So it's...
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    Nadal was silly to play Queens

    It was pretty clear that Nadal was injured, his foot. Remember?
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    Why is Federer so much more popular than Nadal?

    Did you really just compare movie life to real life. Get a grip.
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    Wow this place is unbelievably calm. Federer fans take NOTE.

    Oh yes, I remember AO 2009 and the after threads.....I remember those threads of Federer interviews twisting his words. I remember all too well.
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    Nadal having MRI scan, worried for quarters.

    Fakes the MRI, says it's fractured but continues playing and when he wins he can be hailed a hero of courage for battling through tremendous pain!