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    2019 Shanghai QF- (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Alexander Zverev

    Fed is just a salty baby now since choking away his legacy at Wimby 19. Sad to see a legend fall off the cliff so shamelessly.
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    Federer Reaffirms "Ultimate Lion" Status in Defeat

    The way some "Fed fans" talk so glowingly about his Wimby 19 defeat, we are awfully close.
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    A. Zverev is the most compelling player to watch right now

    And this is why tennis will die once 2 of the big 3 retire
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    Why Nadal good in Laver Cup but not in WTF

    Because he only has to play talentless "world" players, not anyone any good.
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    One player to play for your (mother in law’s) life?

    Fed with match points against Djokovic
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    Laver Cup

    Nadal is mentoring Fed now? Even Fed is accepting that Nadal is his daddy now that he's about to surpass him.
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    Can Rafa Nadal go past Roger Federer’s majors record in 2020 ?

    He'll win the French for sure and vulture one of the other ones. Even Wimby is on the table next year.
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    Laver Cup

    Federer choking again. Why am I not surprised?
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    Strokes of Genius: Must Watch Documentary

    When you does Chokes of Genius come out: The story of Coria & Federer, the only two men in history to lose matches having held Championship Points?
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    It’s crazy but it feels like Federer is out of the slam race

    Lol at anyone that brings up one of the biggest chokes in sports history as a reason that Fed is supposed to remain competitive going into 2020 :laughing:
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    2019 has been the worst year for Fed fans

    This year was bad, next year will be worse and so on until he retires w/o the Slam record or Weeks at #1 record
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    Federer will be motivated

    If 2 Championship Points weren't enough to motivate him to save his legacy, nothing will be.
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    2019 US Open Men's Final :- [2] Rafael Nadal (Spain) v/s [5] Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

    That's what you get for trying to out push a pusher
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    Federer's worst screw ups

    He was the heavy favorite going into the match. That qualifies as a choke.