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    2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami

    Doubles R2: Marach/Pavic
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    2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami

    R3: Dimitrov BU: Isner
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    Prince Uknwn

    Especially the $400 price tag.
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    2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami

    Doubles R1: Cabal/Farrah BU: Lopez/Lopez
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    2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami

    R2B: Goffin BU: Tiafoe
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    Tennis Warehouse: Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Playtest

    I received my pair today (blue colorway). I won’t hit until Monday, but I wore them around the house and for a walk for a couple of hours. The comfort was there from the get-go. My heel didn’t slip at all, which is the biggest gripe I have with a lot of other shoes.
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    Most Painful Moment Involving Your Favorite Player

    2010 RG when Richie blew a 2-0 set lead against Murray in the first round.
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    2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami

    R2T: RBA BU: Monfils
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    2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Miami

    R1: M. Zverev BU: Sousa
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    Prince Uknwn

    It’s what the kids like.
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    Don't You Wish They'd Bring Back The Bag?

    Fabrice Martin keeps the bag alive on the doubles tour. He rocks the Roddick one-size-too-big-Lacoste-shirt look.
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    Sampras using Head racquet now?

    To be fair this looked like an impromptu exhibition after Ralph withdrew. Sampras was already wearing that T-shirt and hat in the crowd while he watched the first semi. I’m willing to bet he had to visit the TW tent for shorts and shoes. Then borrowed a stick from Novak to participate.
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    Dumbest ways you hit yourself

    Couple years ago I was playing an Ultimate Tennis singles match against a solid 4.5 player who hit unreal kick on his serve. The ball looked to be in my wheelhouse, so I took a huge forehand cut and whiffed the ball, hitting my eye socket with my attempted buggy-whip follow through. No blood...
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    Ritches is a great buyer.

    Quick communication, fast payment, and leaves feedback! Thanks @ritches
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    Indian Wells doubles exhibition

    Sampras was borrowing Novak’s frame for the impromptu doubles exhibition with Novak, Mac, and Haas. Figured I’d put that out there before anyone asks.