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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT - 4 1/2

    Looking for the Babolat Pure Storm Tour GT in 4 1/2 only. I’m not interested in any other grip size. Standard length version only, please. Email is sethplaystennis @ gmail Thanks!
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    Babolat’s best player frame?

    Pure Storm LTD I’d say.
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    24 Hours in St. Augustine

    Please make it in the form of a soliloquy.
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    24 Hours in St. Augustine

    My wife and I will be in St. Augustine, FL in a couple of weeks for 24 hours or so. Any recommendations for places to eat/things to see? We live in Sarasota so we don’t care about going to any beaches or eating seafood since we do that enough already.
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    Decline of Prince?

    I don’t find that to be the case.
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    What's the plural of Yonex?

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    Prince Official - Racquets

    TW is the official distributor in the US.
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    What is your favorite heartbreak song of all time?

    I created this thread because I think heartbreak inspired/inspires some of the best songs ever written. I’m glad it’s helping folks through that tough season.
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    FS: Five (5) recent model Prince Graphite Classic OS - 4 1/2

    Older models gone. The current models are now $100 shipped for BOTH.
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    Anybody use ATC 2 for tennis?

    For the record, my two pairs are the 2014 edition, not 2016.
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    Anybody use ATC 2 for tennis?

    Mine are the 2016. The support is fine, the higher cut only helps it. I’ve played in retro ATC2 and ATC3. Both still perform well, at least for a 4.5 doubles player.
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    Anybody use ATC 2 for tennis?

    I play in my 2016 Hot Lavas almost exclusively. They’re stil a great shoe. I only take a break from them during the peak summer months since the ventilation isn’t super. I keep a second pair in the closet for off-court wear.
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    2020 prostaff

    I think @MasterZeb is right. They “updated” the line by going back to all black. By the way - just imagine a black racquet (all black) with a black grip and red strings. Just imagine.