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    ~:[POG Club]:~ Open to all POG users

    You bring up an interesting point though. A dense POG would be wild.
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    Hidden Gem: Head Liquidmetal Instinct MP

    If it’s 4 1/2, send me a message.
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    ~:[POG Club]:~ Open to all POG users

    That’s the normal 16x19.
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    Pleasure and Pain Inseparable

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    Best 18x20 Racquets of 2019 (& Some Oldies Too).

    I’m so glad Troy hosted this.
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    New Wilson Ultra range?

    I’ve seen a pic of this. It said “Kei Limited Edition” in the throat and in the hoop.
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    Xavier Malisse's Racquet

    Definitely looks like a really beat up Diablo cosmetic.
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    Why are our dog pets farts so nasty?

    Dogs have noses far superior to our own. Imagine how your poor pup feels when they hear you rip a**.
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    "Best" non fan-pattern Super Oversize Racket

    A 4.5 player I know uses this PK. You’d think he was using a midsize by how precise he is. This, of course, is because he’s very talented. He could play will with anything.
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    What are ex-Barricade users using?

    Just imagine a Barricade 2 retro...
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    Compare POGOS vs Prince Classic Graphite 107

    Having never hit either, I’m interested to know why you like the Ti over the non-Ti?
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    Compare POGOS vs Prince Classic Graphite 107

    Yes, the only different between the current Tour racquet and precious Tour version are: Current: updated buttcap also used on the PCG107; darker leather grip Previous: Black buttcap with gold P; lighter leather grip I’ve never used a Chang 28”, but would like to try it eventually.
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    Compare POGOS vs Prince Classic Graphite 107

    The last three gens of the POG have all felt the same to me. Those being the current Tour cosmetic, the Graphite Classic with updated font (released with the 100 and 100LB versions), and the first Tour version which had a black buttcap with gold P. I believe the one before the Tour was the...
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    011 | Catching up with One of Your Favorite TW Playtester's, Andy Gerst

    In honor of this episode, let’s revisit this creation from @RudyHuxtable
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    2019 ATP Sudden Death League: Shanghai

    D2: Pouille BU: FAA