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    Switching Receiving Sides for Match Tiebreak: We Need to Keep Track of This

    This is where I'm going to fall with this discussion. I spend upwards of 3/4 my matches on the same side. My partner and I are playing where we are because it's the optimal positions for us as a team. I definitely wouldn't be willing to try switching for a third set tiebreaker because I think...
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    Official changes format DURING a match??? Is this allowed?

    Agreed. The format is outlined prior to the tournament, and if there's any deviation from that you should be informed by tournament staff. Frankly I would've talked to my opponent to try and do that anyway. We can agree on a score to report after we're done, but we're playing this out the way...
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    Losing slump.

    It's also a good physical release. By shrugging your shoulders you can "encourage" your muscles to relax if you've been subconsciously tightening them up.
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    Similar situation for me. It's now updated from 3.51 to 4.0006. They're obviously working through some issues :)
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    Tennis Record site, out of business?

    TennisRecord is an exceptionally well designed site with a lot of data mined from the USTA. If you wanted to get the same information from the hot mess that USTA runs you'd have to pull it down yourself, and that's no fun. I'm not sure I buy into the larger argument that sites like TR are...
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    Who changes the score card things on the side of the court?

    I see you're making a distinction here, but it's not a meaningful one for me. I know the score, and where it shows up is immaterial. Scorecards are normally used in tournament and league playoffs. If you don't play them, and you didn't play as a kid where they're used for all school matches I...
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    How long until line calls are automated for ordinary league play?

    Well, the problem with this discussion is that we're talking about a theoretical solution. I could envision a system with red/green LEDs on both sides that wouldn't need audio cues, and that would mitigate the concerns about sounds. Even if you wouldn't immediately notice it (and it seems...
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    Prize Money for Local Tournaments?

    One of the difficulties is striking the balance between your prizes and people who will play. You want to attract good talent, but as the prizes go up you can discourage players who worry they won't be able to compete. It's not as simple as increasing money to get more people. What the increase...
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    Any other USTA Captains do this?

    No hype video, and you call yourself a captain? Shameful.
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    Line Ball cheating

    On the subject of "call line balling" I find the best tactic is to alternate between calling clearly out balls in and clearly in balls out. This will mentally destabilize your opponent allowing you to take not only the victory on the court, but the prize as grand champion of tennis!
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    When is a Bad call a Bad call

    Too much text to risk it, I will have to assume not.
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    In defense of the USTA, this is undoubtedly a large part of why they're so reluctant to make changes. People are creative, and no matter how much thought you put into something there will likely unexpected results. And with the way information is disseminated today that knowledge spreads faster...
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    How to pair doubles team?

    That was something I particularly enjoyed. Your report proved a point I had suspected about a couple people I'd played with. They have debated, sometimes contentiously, who makes up the better doubles team. The first partner is more of a conventional fit with me, but the second partner and I...
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    The idea of "straight up" isn't something that the USTA mandates. I don't think they perceive it as a problem, nor do I. You could make a decent argument that the current format offers the widest offering of lineup strategy. While weighting introduces different options, as @schmke noted, it...
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    Court weighting in the round robin at nationals.

    Weighting is "fun" from a strategic sense, but in rating-limited formats it isn't logical to me.