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    Good current D2 college players playing USTA 4.5.

    I like that plus leagues at least present the opportunity to stand up a league where the numbers would otherwise be insufficient.
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    Annoying chit-chat during changeovers...

    Don't blame yourself, blame your opponents. I had to get after everyone in my match from Monday because they were all playing with the wrong hand, and it was messing up my best shots. Silly lefties.
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    Good current D2 college players playing USTA 4.5.

    There are only about 300 men rated 5.0 in Texas. If you aren't in one of the five largest cities, you won't have a league.
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    Good current D2 college players playing USTA 4.5.

    :D At 36 you're no further from your potential physical peak than an 18 year old.
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    Annoying chit-chat during changeovers...

    I can't imagine getting worked up over this. My preference is less interaction (relatively), and I certainly don't have much to say in "competitive" matches (ie playoffs, tournaments). However, I play in smaller leagues, so it's unlikely my opponents are someone I haven't known for years. The...
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    How far do you drive in order to play?

    For USTA leagues it ranges from 15 - 30 minutes (assuming traffic isn't weird).
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    Heat tolerance and aging

    Like @IA-SteveB I've had some unfortunate situations that are making me far more conscious of the decisions I take when playing in the heat. The best way to prepare is to ease yourself in to competing in hot weather. Acclimatizing to hot weather is a real thing, and most people can see...
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    Nationals at USTA Campus, things to do at the campus, around the area

    Everyone's going to be hot, mid 90s for the next two weeks. October will be much better, mid 80s. USTA sites says the "Division II/NAIA Tournament" will be going on Oct 18-20. I'm not sure what that event actually is. It has a women's player on the graphic, so maybe it's some kind of...
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    Ugh!!! I'm in an impossible position

    Sounds like a win-win there. No kidding. Was in town for a state playoff, and some rando at the hotel asks what we're there for. He proceeds to bet me he could beat me in a game without losing a point. He doesn't look like he's going to be any good, but I'm not taking suspicious bets. Really...
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    3-1 and serving, most important game in a set?

    I agree. You aren't going to find any good coaches who tell you to be thinking about the games during the match. I think the farthest ahead it's beneficial to be looking is within the current game.
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    Serve Interrupted by Doubles Opponents - Strange, Rules?

    I believe there's a distinction here that is important to note. A fake poach isn't intending to distract the opponent from hitting the ball. Its intent is to mislead them into thinking you will be in a different position.
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    TLS Rating vs Tennisrecords

    It occurs to me that @schmke could be pulling a long-term covert operation. Stay with me here! He's going to spend a couple decades giving out accurate information. Then when his team is at nationals, and one of the opposing teams asks for a 'Team Report', he'll feed them bad data! Nice try...
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    Adding pace - specific how tos?

    Fair, I'm sort of lumping the assumption in that good technique was getting clean hits :) I agree with your point about full strokes too. I don't want to blindly diagnose anyone's shots over the Internet, but I should add that many people I've played with who had trouble increasing power had...
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    USTA Tennis Link Website

    Makes sense with why USTA would say they were a good fit too. I would hope that any significant redesign of your web presence includes app support for iOS and Android. Otherwise you need to replace the person in charge of the project.
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    Adding pace - specific how tos?

    No doubt. Their ability to contact the ball at precisely the same spot gives them a level of control that allows for hitting "harder" but maintaining control. If I could have more consistency with that I'd be able to go a lot harder on most shots, but I basically have to wait for fat shots that...