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    Self Rates and Appeal Downs

    It's an easy trap to be excited about getting the results we desire without questioning whether they were accurate. I suppose the suggestion could be what I've posited in the past. The USTA is doing more than simply seeking ratings, but actually to "place" certain numbers of players within...
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    Who's Got "The Look" But Not the Game?

    First off, I'll relate a humorous encounter I had. 3-4 years ago we were playing in the regionals, and there was one official who'd been around all weekend. There was one official, and older gentlemen, who was really stoic. Naturally that made me all the more determined to get an occasional...
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    Self Rates and Appeal Downs

    Hey now, there's no reason to be bringing me into this! :cry: FWIW - In the past, I do know teams I've been on with self-rated players have drawn special scrutiny from the coordinator. He even asked me one time to point them out, presumably to go a quick eye test on their play. On a related...
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    Can you call a let if your shoe comes untied?

    Should I be pedantic? Once the USTA adopted it then it become their rule too.
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    New playoff format in situations where top-2 teams advance

    Admittedly, I am not sure I fully understand everything here, but I'll take a stab. The scenario above is representing a situation where 5 districts have sent two teams. All the district winners are placed in one bracket, and all the runner-ups are placed in a second bracket. (Protip - this is...
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    Can you call a let if your shoe comes untied?

    USTA doesn't care about your sloppy gear distracting you, but they're worried it might disrupt your opponent? Like many seemingly odd rules I expect this came about due to concerns about deliberate behavior. In all honesty, I was unaware that you could call a let on your opponent's hat falling...
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    What Team Management Platform Should I Use?

    Improved team management would definitely help, and it should really be integrated as part of a larger solution that facilitates getting players signed up and on to teams. It wouldn't be particularly expensive to have it developed either, especially in light of what their dishing out to...
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    Can you recommend a Topspin trainer?

    Technique is far and above the most important thing, but using a 'Rough' string can provide a nice boost. One of my favorite strings is RPM Blast Rough 17g. I'm able to impart far more spin with it than the regular edition, and it helped me quite a lot.
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    Bumps by section 2020.

    Well, I presume it's censored because it's part of a competitor's name... a wildly overzealous bit of censorship. As far as the logic that Southern would dominate because it has more people, that doesn't really play out in reality. We're working within the confines of talent groupings. Sure...
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    Bumps by section 2020.

    It's pretty common for teams that do well, on a national scale, to get more aggressively bumped. The large scale adjustments aren't necessarily meant to correct for cheating. Before I go any further, I haven't looked at the numbers, but I'll take their supposition that the distribution didn't...
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    When do you expect USTA ratings to come out?

    Of the 17 guys I was watching, TR had predicted none being bumped, four were. The lowest "TR rating" was a 3.75, so quite a surprise for him. MidW region. Funny enough the three highest rated TR guys all stayed.
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    Tournament etiquette

    I really do get what you're saying. Again though, this is a matter of perception. In your mind the entire thing elapsed in the blink of an eye, but I suspect your opponent expected there was sufficient time to "give up" on the point. This is why I say as a matter of practicality that the player...
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    Tournament etiquette

    Right. I understand the argument that it's not very sporting to be hitting sitting ducks at net players, but I'm willing to make the argument it almost never the returner's fault. Ideally, your partner (the server) is not going to serve you up on a platter with a fat serve, and if they do will...
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    Drilled in face during team practice match.

    I hate to belabor an obvious point, but it's not a "perfect shot" if it's somewhere he can reflex volley into your soft face. The takeaway here is that you're attempting to assign some "dangerous shot" safety rule to your opponents, and this is a common, misguided effort. Lower level players...
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    Court Postitioning

    This is important to understand. It's a good objective to try and close the net to increase your chances of winning in doubles. Let me issue a word of caution though. It's easy for us to get too concerned with simply getting to the net. It's not a footrace to the net, and the missing assumption...