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    Here is the 2010 Australian Open men's final with only the tennis!

    Jenny, you really need to be paid for your work,those videos are just great!!
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    I`m 30 years old tomorrow...

    I feel old at 21. Compared to my friends I seem like a 40 year old already at times.
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    Which pro resembles which superhero?

    Del po is Sabretooth people, get it right!
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    Favorite video game character

    It's all about street fighter people! Also Mortal Kombat had some great characters. HALO also.
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    Best Overall GS of 2009

    I feel the USO was the worst GS of the year. No epic matches Crappy rain delay (but in fairness, what can you do) Federer played terrible in the final (Losing is fine if you play well, but when you under perform it hurts) The whole Serena incident ALL ROUND A BELOW AVERAGE USO.
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    Best Overall GS of 2009

    So in other words the vast majority of posters disagree with the OP. LOL.
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    USOpen Championship 2009: Federer vs. Del Potro

    Everyone has mentioned the S word but what about when he was like "I know the rules, don't tell me the effing rules!!"
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    Nadal's so boring to watch

    I understand it gets him wins, which is why he does/should do it. But IMO it is SO boring. I hate that brand of tennis.
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    USO 2009 QF: Nadal vs Gonzalez

    Rafa has improved his english A LOT!!
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    USO 2009 QF: Nadal vs Gonzalez

    2 doubles in that game, one on breakpoint.
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    USO 2009 QF: Nadal vs Gonzalez

    That was just horrendous from Gonzo. Just terrible play. Nadal didn't do anything special at all.
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    USO 2009 QF: Nadal vs Gonzalez

    ATDHE and Fromsport have links Edit: The above is an American link. Jmac with I believe Enberg commentating. I think it's Enberg anyway, sounds like the annoying guy people describe.
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    USO 2009 QF: Nadal vs Gonzalez

    My dear lord you Americans sure do love your commercials!!!
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    Some Thoughts on WTA Bashing

    This thread is so fail. (and I hate using that term) Sometimes things are so fail, and the logic used by certain people (in this case the OP) is so terrible that you just have to ignore and be on your way. I mean seriously.