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    Thicker Strings for More Spin?

    The thinner the string the more spin (more action) can be imparted on the ball
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    Sorry I should have came back and responded once the site was back up.
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    Looks like the customer/client side of of is down... Can anyone confirm?
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    What Strings Should I Try Next?

    How often are you willing to restring? If I am playing, I restring after a single use. If just practicing, I will restring after 2 or 3 uses.
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    Babalot RDC

    Heard from Babalot today, the Babalot Racket Diagnostic Center is suppose to be making a come back.
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    Anti fog product recommendation

    After it dries, polish (not rinse) the lenses. I have a micro cloth or even eye glass cloth...
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    Anti fog product recommendation

    Straight dish washing liquid on the lenses (liberally), allow to dry, then polish off. I tried it on my glasses and it seems to work.
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    How often you change your replacement grip?

    My grip, hardly ever, my over grip (I use 2) I normally change (most outer over grip) after every use.
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    Shoes “Dead” Before Outsoles are Worn

    Shoe support depends on how often you use them. I was playing 5 - 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I don't have a push and play type game. So me getting new shoes 3 - 4 times a year I expect. The shoes would look good, just the support is gone.
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    Shoes “Dead” Before Outsoles are Worn

    I'd normally go through 3 to 4 pairs of my favorite shoes (Kswiss: Preventor "high top", then Ultrascendor mid) a year. This was and is the norm for me. It is the same with now the Prince T22 mid. Now that Kwsiss is coming back with Ultrascendor, I will be going back when they return with...
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    Tourna XL over grip too short ?

    Looks like about .5" overlap. You can see the overlap hump. I have a stretch racket that I have no problem gripping with the XL
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    What tension when stringing with Kevlar?

    I once used Prince Problend 16ga (79 lbs) due to breaking strings, then I found how much control it gave me. Now I use kevlar/syn-gut and string high just for the control. I now string Ashaway Kevlar 17 and Prince Syn Gut/duraflex 17 between 76 - 79 (currently at 77lbs). If I'm playing I only...
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    Problem with shared holes on Yonex Dual G 100

    I strung a Head Graphene XT Speed Pro (shared holes 8 & 9) that I put a new set of grommets on... had kind'da the same problem. The cross string were Prince SynGut/Duraflex 17ga... much softer (flexible) string than a poly. I took a piece of poly (Luxilon ALU Power 16) angled the point, dipped...
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    Where did Kevlar go??

    I'll let you know...
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    Poly/Gut vs Gut/Poly

    The mains are the dominant strings. Whatever feel you're looking for play those strings in the mains. The ultimate test is to play'em.