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    What Strings Should I Try Next?

    How often are you willing to restring? If I am playing, I restring after a single use. If just practicing, I will restring after 2 or 3 uses.
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    Babalot RDC

    Heard from Babalot today, the Babalot Racket Diagnostic Center is suppose to be making a come back.
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    Anti fog product recommendation

    After it dries, polish (not rinse) the lenses. I have a micro cloth or even eye glass cloth...
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    Anti fog product recommendation

    Straight dish washing liquid on the lenses (liberally), allow to dry, then polish off. I tried it on my glasses and it seems to work.
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    How often you change your replacement grip?

    My grip, hardly ever, my over grip (I use 2) I normally change (most outer over grip) after every use.
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    Shoes “Dead” Before Outsoles are Worn

    Shoe support depends on how often you use them. I was playing 5 - 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I don't have a push and play type game. So me getting new shoes 3 - 4 times a year I expect. The shoes would look good, just the support is gone.
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    Shoes “Dead” Before Outsoles are Worn

    I'd normally go through 3 to 4 pairs of my favorite shoes (Kswiss: Preventor "high top", then Ultrascendor mid) a year. This was and is the norm for me. It is the same with now the Prince T22 mid. Now that Kwsiss is coming back with Ultrascendor, I will be going back when they return with...
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    Tourna XL over grip too short ?

    Looks like about .5" overlap. You can see the overlap hump. I have a stretch racket that I have no problem gripping with the XL
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    What tension when stringing with Kevlar?

    I once used Prince Problend 16ga (79 lbs) due to breaking strings, then I found how much control it gave me. Now I use kevlar/syn-gut and string high just for the control. I now string Ashaway Kevlar 17 and Prince Syn Gut/duraflex 17 between 76 - 79 (currently at 77lbs). If I'm playing I only...
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    Problem with shared holes on Yonex Dual G 100

    I strung a Head Graphene XT Speed Pro (shared holes 8 & 9) that I put a new set of grommets on... had kind'da the same problem. The cross string were Prince SynGut/Duraflex 17ga... much softer (flexible) string than a poly. I took a piece of poly (Luxilon ALU Power 16) angled the point, dipped...
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    Where did Kevlar go??

    I'll let you know...
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    Poly/Gut vs Gut/Poly

    The mains are the dominant strings. Whatever feel you're looking for play those strings in the mains. The ultimate test is to play'em.
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    Wilson Hyper ProStaff 5.0 MidPlus. Ashaway Kevlar 17Mains@76lbs & Prince SynGut/Duraflex...

    Wilson Hyper ProStaff 5.0 MidPlus. Ashaway Kevlar 17Mains@76lbs & Prince SynGut/Duraflex 17Crosses@76lbs
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    A Stringer returns your racquet with Curved cross strings,what next?

    WOW, never heard that one before... I would never think about asking that question. All the people I string for would look at me like I'm crazy... (Ahhh, how do you like your strings straight or curved?) Don't even sound right...
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    A Stringer returns your racquet with Curved cross strings,what next?

    I have a constant pull machine (not drop weight) and you still have to hold the string straight. There maybe minor straightening after the stringing is complete. You loose tension by straightening the strings after the string job is complete.