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    Greetings I posted an ad yesterday morning for 2 prince 93ps. The first one got posted with my heading but your template - no details by a fat finger accident. I then created a proper one with full details but it has not shown up. Any insight? Thanks
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    FS (2x) Prince Phantom Pro 93p, 4 5/8

    Selling 2 Prince Phantom Pro 93p 18x20 @ 4-5/8 grip size Head Size: 93 inches Condition: 8 out of 10 only because I removed the original leather grips for head leather on one and prokennex cushioned on the other. Both used about 6 hours total hitting time each. Some bumper guard scratches...
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    FS: Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro (100 sq in) grip -5/8, 8.0 Condtn

    Greetings ....Selling the following : Item Description : Graphene Touch Speed Pro (100 sq in) Grip Size: Quantity:1 Head Size: 100 sq Condition: 8.0 out of 10 - *General Description(including any cosmetic blemishes): light scratches on bumper, slight scratch just below.. nothing elsewhere. Use...
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    FS:Volkl Super G10, 5/8 grip

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Selling my 2014 Volkl super g 10 325 g. Grip Size: 4 5/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable): It was used for less than 60 mins. *General Description (including any...
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    FS: (3) Slazenger Pro Braided black and white TW reissue frames with 4 ½” grips

    Interested in 2 I'm interested in two Pics ? Lets email off line.
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    FS/FT Dunlop, Prince, Slazenger

    slazenger pro braided is the slazenger still there ? im interested email me ar
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    **** 2x Original Slazenger Pro Braided Black and White in 4 5/8th Grip***

    slazenger pro braided im interested .. email me at
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    **** 2x Original Slazenger Pro Braided Black and White in 4 5/8th Grip***

    slazenger im interested ..whats your best price for 1 and 2 pics ?
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    2 Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro Racquets

    Still available ? What's the price Namotu1 at gmail please
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    FS: Youtek radical mp capped & pro

    Radical pro Interested in the radical pro. Any pics? Namotu1 at gmail
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    head youtek prestige MP

    still available ? pics? thanks
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    FS/T: Yonex RDS 001 Mid

    sent you an email .....
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    Fs/t Wilson, Dunlop, yonex

    interested in the yonex .. pics ?
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    FS: Gamma T-7

    T7 is the t7 still around ? i want it
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    F/S: Gamma Players Racquets - G325 and Tour 330x, 9/10 Condition

    330 is it still available ? Any pics ? Im interested