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    Heartfelt respect for Alexander Zverev for having utmost clarity on this issue, tremendous interview defending Novak !!!

    "Actually, you are right, mate. I changed my mind and now agree that X, and not Y, is the GOAT" -- Said no one ever. I am still waiting for the day on which these pointless "GOAT" discussions will lead to something.
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    Will the ATP take any disciplinary action because of Djokovic going to events after receiving his positive PCR Covid-19 results?

    You are a bunch of hysterical whiners. The guy is healthy and fulfilled the requirements to enter Australia. What else do you need? Let him play. How difficult is that?
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    I don't think Tsitsipas is a particularly likeable person, but you guys are being a bit too sensititive and making a big fuss out of nothing. He was interviewed, gave his opinion, which is in no way too outrageous, and that is it.
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    Laver Cup 2021

    It is beyond me why someone in his right mind would spend a dime to watch this plastic circus.
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    Is Nadal the greatest ever athlete in Tennis ????

    Athleticism is overrated. For all the (due) praise about Nadal's physique, his greatest strength is by far his mind (or will), and all the rest follows from that.
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    Why are women not playing the Laver Cup or a similar event?

    Maybe because nobody cares about female tennis?
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    Is Wimbledon in trouble? Interest-wise, level wise.

    Well, I would argue that the big-3 era is actually one of the leading causes of professional tennis turning to this boring, homogenous playing style. I hope that, once they are gone, tennis reverts to a (even more) niche activity that it once was and becomes less constrained by commercial...
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    From feel good story to Pariah - Marco Trungelliti shunned by tour for exposing match fixing.

    I am a tad late to the party, but -- as someone who admires Marco -- it was good to see that at least McEnroe came to his defence: Anyway, I think this episode is just one of multiple signs that mass commercialisation kills sport and sportsmanship in particular. Tennis is increasingly becoming...