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    2017 French Open FINAL: [3] Stan Wawrinka vs. [4] Rafael Nadal

    So happy for him. And it's great to see him back at the top. Stan is a great guy too.
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    2017 Madrid Open Final - [4] Nadal vs [8] Thiem

    I'm so happy Rafa's back in form.
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    AO 2015 - QF - R.Nadal vs. T.Berdych

    Well since Rafa is my favorite, this was a tough loss. Even though we all knew he wasn't in top form. It does seem that he has become so injury-plagued that it's hampered his overall game/confidence significantly. I do hope he can regroup and do better in the near future and of course for the...
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    AO 2015 - QF - R.Nadal vs. T.Berdych

    This is probably Berdych's best chance at beating Rafa, but I still think Rafa will win.
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    2015 Australian Open Mens QF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [8] Milos Raonic

    It seems to me Nole is having an easy time with everyone so far.
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    Nike "Glitter Shorts"

    ditto. At least they made them both wear them. They're ghastly.
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    Hey Blake try to be objective

    Of course he picks an american. He'd probably pick Roddick if he could.
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    Rafael Nadal vs Mikhail Youzhny

    So glad Rafa is back. I missed him.
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    Nike "Glitter Shorts"

    Perhaps this belongs in the Pro Gear section, but is anyone else not loving the Nike glitter shorts on Fed & Rafa?
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    Organizers Took Nadal Out

    pasted: If you ask me the loser here was Wimbledon. Poor scheduling bordering on favoritism & rigged draws; shall I go on? Let the trolls come out, but be days off for some players and two days off for others. Cake-*** draws for Murray and Joker and Fed. Please. The phenom got the...
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    Serena with a disorientation scare in doubles

    was she faking/acting or is she ill??