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    Uhhhh... Adidas Spring 2022

    I like that shirt. But wow, I don’t think they looked at the finished product for those first shorts.
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    Uhhhh... Adidas Spring 2022

    I can’t believe those shorts, this is fking hilarious :-D
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    VIDEO. 50lbs vs. 20lbs Tennis String Tension

    Higher tension means less swingweight?
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    Yonex Ezone 2022 AO

    I actually really like the color. Of course that’s only one part, it could look much different.
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    Shortage of Tennis Shoes in China

    Welcome to the exclusive club of every country on Earth.
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    WeissCannon Ultra Cable Hybrids

    Ultra cable main + tier one ghostwire could be interesting. The thinner gauges of ghostwire will add softness to the main.
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    Prefer an Open pattern with tighter tension or a dense pattern and lower tension?

    18/20 with low tension poly is pretty sweet. A blade 18/20 with Yonex poly tour pro 125 at 42-44 pounds is much nicer feeling than a blade 16/19 or pro staff with poly at 50-52. However the specs that usually come along with 18/20 racquets(heavy weight, high swingweight, thin beams and small...
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    Does Matteo Berrettini win a Grand Slam? Ever.

    The subtle way his racquet almost hits the ball…..
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    Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP is a winner

    I thought it was a great player’s racquet. Did everything right and was very comfortable. Only thing could be you couldn’t do much customization without getting really heavy, so probably no leather grip or only a minor amount of lead.
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    Modern alternative to Wilson Six.One 95 18X20? Blade's and VCORE's aren't making the cut.

    Exact same problem I had. I could not handle the swingweight on the blade, and switching to a frame with a lower swingweight was very good.
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    Karma always comes back to the egomaniac. You never think your King because your can dethroned just as fast as you gained it

    I’m very sorry for the impression this thread gave. We usually think before speaking.
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Yes it did in August.
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    If ATP pros use Gut/Poly, why do rec 3.5 and 4.0 players use Poly/Poly ?

    Yes, the durability is a little low on the syn gut, however I’m not a string breaker. I’ve played with mine for over 6 hours in a youtek ig extreme mp and they are still holding up, I’ll be it quite notched.
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    Thoughts/help on these shaped strings?

    Well, I’ve got them all strung up. Only hit with hyper g soft but it feels like it’s got a little more sling/pop to it than standard hyper g.
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    ATP or WTA- which one do you prefer to watch these days?

    It’s a serious crime that there is no poll :mad: I enjoy the ATP as it has more variety and has some bigger personalities, however that can also be due to more media attention.