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    Scholarship Application Help

    I only have a little 3 rule suggestion, and it applies to scholarship apps, college apps, etc. 1. Don't over-think the application. Ever. Put down what you think of at first, as honestly as you can. Don't try to edit YOU. 2. Never, never, never think that there is something you are...
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    27 mean anything in high school tennis?

    The number of matches you would have to win to make the big stage at OSU in the spring... maybe.
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    Please help, I think I'm dying(14years old)

    Based on the statement that you not only have sharp pain and trouble breathing, but that you also are of a very slender build, I'm actually going to toss out that it may be lung related. I know all too well that in someone of very slender stature, pneumothorax (the good ol' collapse of the air...
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    Ever Wondered How Sampras Would Have Done If He Used a PC600?

    Hmm... this actually is a really interesting idea. This is what I can think of so far: Pros -Denser pattern gives even more precision to all of his shots, including serve (maybe a slightly enhanced or different feel, as well) -maybe 4 inches would make a difference (though I wonder how...
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    Do i have a college future

    Oh yeah. I've seen you guys pop up on just about every state tourney roster I can remember. I'd say you have a good place to start!
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    Do i have a college future

    Kick Serve 14, what school are you at? University... Kenston... Hawken... Indian Hill... Gahanna... CVCA? Sorry for the list, but I know a decent bit about Ohio high school DII. It's only been a year since I was there with ya;)
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    What is it with Heavy Metal?

    Based on my opinion of 10,000 Days, I whole-heartedly agree. Aenima and parts of Lateralus, though, are pretty tasty.
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    What is it with Heavy Metal?

    I can agree that, when related to many of the bands you mentioned, Norma Jean isn't anywhere near the peak of technical ability. I was more so making suggestions for those who wanted to look into metal for the first time, with regards to how it can be very complex and musically challenging...
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    What is it with Heavy Metal?

    Oh, sorry master. I was going to mention Psyopus, Nile and Behold, but c'mon, no average musician is even going to listen to them. Not to mention, how is any of what these bands do any different than what the ones I mentioned do (besides Psyopus)... play faster? Then again, I'm sure you're a...
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    What is it with Heavy Metal?

    The term metal doesn't mean now what it did 20 years ago, or for that mater, 40 years ago. Steppenwolf was considered the first metal band! Does one ever think of "Magic Carpet Ride" as metal? I would assume not often. My appeal to metal is a bit different. I don't listen to tons of the really...
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    New guitar

    Either a full Maple Tele (neck, body, and fretboard) or a Gretsch of almost any kind (check out the burgundy model of the G love guitar... it's about 600 and one of the only solid bodies they make.) Amp-wise, Orange amps have fantastic tone for blues.
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    Swine Flu -- what's up with that? [Merged]

    ^^^^ Most of us should be paying attention to THIS, because that's probably the truth.
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    I think my serve crashed Vimeo

    Are you wearing a black t-shirt and white shorts? Playing on a wet court?
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    Smoke Grass-Go Crazy!

    Another weed thread... It's pretty simple. Everyone has an argument of burnout vs. success. Here's how I've honestly found it to work: if they were going nowhere fast, doing nothing, and had nothing to offer BEFORE they smoked, THAT is the reason they stay as such. Same thing for those who...
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    Myth about heavy racquet injuries...

    I doubt it would. I'm not made of glass.