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    RF Logo Rights Coming Back to Federer

    Like it says in the original post. Beginning of next year.
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    New Head Racquet

    Head Gravity is just a re-release of the IG Speed that he's always been using
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    New Head Racquet

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    New Head Racquet

    It is the same mold as the original Youtek Speed. The Gravity Pro is going to be Zverev's actual racquet which is based on the original Youtek Speed Pro. Zverev is going to be endorsing this Gravity line
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    How many Variations of RF97 has Roger played with

    Do you know at which point the racquet was finalized? Perhaps at which tournament?
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    RF 20 GS Celebration Cap

    Can't seem to find it on the TW website?
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    Dimitrov Racquet experimentation

    Roger Rasheed forced him to change when he was being coached by Rasheed because Rasheed thought the small racquet head size was putting him at a disaadvantage
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    Djokovic's new stick???

    Not for now, will post more once I get more details as they trickle in
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    Djokovic's new stick???

    It's one of the new Head Speed models coming out in July
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    Pro Staff 97 Counterfeits

    How badly does it play?
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    Djokovic's new stick???

    New Speeds out in July next year
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    Djokovic signs with Asics?

    Contacts in Asics
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    Djokovic signs with Asics?

    Don't know about the Adidas side of things but the Asics contract has been signed
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    Djokovic signs with Asics?

    The deal has been done