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    Serena's new racket?

    PJ kinda reminds me of the KBlade with the gold at 12 o clock
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    Roger Federer Best Shoes.

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    Federer's 90s racquets

    That's just the result of terrible Wilson QC
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    The real reason 2020 tennis was cancelled...

    Feels a little inspired by the infamous Berdych outfit
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    New PA PJ?

    There's no markings because Babolat are no longer a sponsor for RG
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    Multifilament has no place in the tour for good reason.

    Djokovic used to use a full bed of Tecnifibre X1 Biphase
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    Worst Federer outfits?

    I believe this was when he was using the H22 mold for a few clay court tournaments before the US Open as a trial while trying to switch from his 90" head size
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    He opened the case to show an actual Federer GS winning racquet.

    I don't like that he compared it to a stock RF97 without measuring the stock racquet. Given Wilson's quality control, the stock racquet could have been a few millimeters out and given the impression Roger's stick was slightly shorter. I have measured many stock RF97 and there have been shocking...
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    Kokkinakis with a Blade?

    Not sure what happened in the end. But he really did like the PS97 over the APD. Babolat probably threw more money at him
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    Most blatant example of a pro using a PJ pro stock?

    Definitely a different layup. I've got a few of them and they feel nothing like the retail Steam. Much much more solid stick
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    Reports: RF logo has reverted back to The GOAT

    Looks like he's got it back t e n n i s w o r l d u s a https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/85009/roger-federer-recovers-rf-logo-from-nike/
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    Federer Uniqlo outfits: full catalogue

    Anyone notice he didn't wear his Rolex after the match against Millman during the interview with Jim Courier?
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    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    That could have been and probably was a custom layup which is or eventuated to the K90, which he was using under various paintjobs before the K90 was ever released to the public. I agree with you there, but this isn't the case with the RF97A.