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    Worst net game among top 30 men in the World today?

    Okay. I play Other sports other than just tennis tennis tennis. But with my coexistence with tennis players, i find that they get butt hurt more than anyone on any other sport i've played. Basketball 3rd grade- sophomore year, JV Baseball, Freshman Football and then Varsity Tennis 4 years.And...
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    Rios: Roger Is Better Than Pete (article)

    AGAIN?!?!?!?! i agree with someone that asked if there were any boards that stated is Pete better than Roger?
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    Worst net game among top 30 men in the World today?

    Okay i see your point. but just because Lendl had a winning record Vs Jmac doesnt mean Playing net is over rated.
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    Who has the best net game on ATP tour today?

    Henman For SURE. AND NO his volleys are not over rated. Hes one of those puyre volleyers anyone im sure would love to see just to see his S&V.
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    Ferrero vs Robredo

    I thought Ferrero made better shots than Roddick but Roddick came up with the big points.But Ferrero didnt choke. He was playing Well. And those comments about him being tired... BS I know i've said that stuff too but because i was disheartened he lost. But if you watch videos of that match...
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    Worst net game among top 30 men in the World today?

    im not attacking you. the sentence wasnt harmful was it? I doubt it. No you adressed Net Game but you made a break between your statement. Max Mirnyi does well in singles and he's an awesome Doubles player and same with Bjorkman. I seriously swear people get soo @$$ hurt.
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    Ferrero: Great run but never again

    LUCKY?!?!?! you're weird. Blake, Nadal, Robredo HAHA thats lucky??? MANN thats probably one of the hardest draws to play in!!! Im pretty sure If Roger Federer had that kind of draw and he won his matches you would say he's good but noooooo. Who are you anyways??? Lucky... pssh But i guess you're...
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    Worst net game among top 30 men in the World today?

    Net game is not over rated. It isnt played enough in the game thats why people talk about how good a player can volley. Everyone plays baseline nowadays thats why no1 talk about who the WORST baseliner is. Your prolly just saying that because you cant volley.
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    Return of the Mosquito!

    I was going to start the same thread right after the blake win. I didnt get a chance to see him beat Nadal but after finding that out. I was really glad Juan Carlos is having such an awesome tournament! Ferrero's weapons are his groundstrokes BH and FH he has a decent volley as well. His serve...
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    Worst net game among top 30 men in the World today?

    Roddick is a good volleyer. BUT. he doesnt have the court sense of a good volleyer. Nadal is as good a volleyer as Roddick but he has better volleying court sense than Roddick. And the quote about the Olympics Champion with Massu and Gonzo... haha did u watch that match??? massu and gonzo...
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    What was with Roddick?

    Roddick has always had that intensity. If you dont like it dont say anything about it. if you dont like to see it dont watch tennis. Tennis needs more of that kind of attitude.
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    Federer yells Shi* on TV and gets no Warning

    Dood chill i didnt mean to cause a riot by calling people losers. and i didnt mean it in a bad way. i swear PEOPLE get so *** hurt.
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    One Handed Backhand making a comeback?

    Actually... Federer has the best looking backhand but he isnt 2nd best. He improved his backhand ALOT but i still wouldnt rank him in the top 10 in 1 handed backhands.
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    Federer yells Shi* on TV and gets no Warning

    Because people believe he should have been given a warning without putting themselves in the chair umpire's place.
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    Tursunov has the #1 or co #1 forehand

    hey i said Gonzo can hit as hard as tursonov not bigger than him. So what if he takes more of a swing than Tursonov the fact is he hits as hard regardless of how long his swing is or how compact Tursonov's is. And so what if he grunts when he hits his shots. If you've actually seen their...