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    What’s you current racquet?

    Head Graphine Prestige MP from 2014
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    Most points dropped in a week

    I don't think its possible other than right now with the WTF being the only tournament that drops points less than 52 weeks later. Sometimes points dropped gets wonky after an olympic year, but a masters is never right before or after a major so this is the only possible scenario.
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    Federer accuses of being selfish and weakening credibility of tour

    It might not actually be trolling, I mean he has Trump in his avatar so assuming he is a Trump supporter would explain a lot.
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    Nicolas Kicker racquet thread

    I think Laslo Djere still uses one too, not that he is as well known as the previous two players mentioned. More people using old prince frames than the new textreme it seems.
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    Which slamless Fed was better? 2011, 2014 or 2015

    2015, Djokovic was the only guy around Federer couldn't beat and 2015 was arguably the best year of Djokovic's career (2011 the other option)
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    Which half of the draw would Federer prefer to be in?

    Novak can get some mojo back this week, and his ceiling is more dangerous than Murray. Head to head points to murray, and murray is dealing with injury problems. Even fed can neutralize home field advantage like someone mentioned above. Answer is obviously murray
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    Post FO ranking...the battle for #2

    I don't see Fed taking over #1 even if he wins Wimbledon and some other big tournaments. I just think he is going to continue to rest his body at certain points of the year and not play enough to keep up with the #1 ranking. I think it is all about majors for him now.
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    Pouille & Prince no more?

    Then you have players like Kicker, Djere, and Jaziri using Prince tour rackets from 2-4 years ago. I think Isner would be the only big name player using Textreme.
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    why is djokovic playing alcapulco

    He too a wildcard so it was a last second decision to play the tourney, probably because he crashed out so early at the Aussie. Going into the year im sure he thought he would make a deep run at Melbourne then rest up for IW and Miami, wants more reps im sure now. Plus he doesn't have to travel...
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    Djokovic ranking drop potential

    He can make up some points in Mexico next week but yeah he could see a pretty big drop if he does not play well through the French. He won IW, Miami, Madrid and was in the Rome finals, and obviously won the French. I think he might drop a spot or two at most. I don't see him dropping out of the...
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    Does Roger skip Dubai/IW/Miami?

    I have a feeling Federer would get a pass citing 'fatigue' if he wanted to. His age would give that excuse some legitimacy. Monte Carlo is not required either so I think he can get away with skipping multiple clay masters if he wants to. It will be interesting to see how much he puts into the...
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    Does Roger skip Dubai/IW/Miami?

    They do but they still take the rankings into consideration when seeding. If Federer went into the tournament ranked #10 they aren't just going to give him a 4 seed or something based on past performances.
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    Is there is a significant chance that Delpo will draw a top player in the 1st round of AO?

    Looks like a 215 point difference at the moment between Delpo and Kohlschreiber who is at 32 right now. That does not take into account points that will be lost after the first week of 2017 for all those players ranked in the 30s(I didn't feel like looking that close into it). There are bound to...
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    Novak (2 GS + 4 Masters) vs. Murray (1 GS + 1 Masters). How on earth is Murray so close in the race?

    It isn't all about winning a tournament, its about how you do in all the tournaments. Murray made 2 major finals, won a major, and lost in a major QF. A couple of Master finals losses in addition to winning Rome. Murray won Bejing and Queens club, those combined are equivalent to another masters...
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    Fognini says USO is the worst of the Slams

    French Open is the worst Grand Slam as of right now. No Roof for rain, always has issues when suspending matches due to darkness, and they stretch the mens first round to 3 days. I love watching Clay Court Tennis but the French Open seems like the worst managed tournament of the 4 to me.