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  • Cool stick there.
    It is a white pro staff. My college coach used a ceramic just like it in the mid to late 80s.
    I am all for a leather grip on the graphene extreme. Even a bit of lead at the top of the handle, john cauthen style. I have done a few extremes and APDs with silicone in the handles, getting them up to about 325 or 330 grams.
    One hander here, too, naturally. I use a babolat pure strike with leather and some lead in the hilt. 321 grams plus leather, overgrip and strings.
    I like your new username. I was thinking about going with rogerstan, wawrinkerer, or stanerer. But i just laziliy pop in every day or two with the same log in.
    Haha, no I have an old Chrissie Evert white graphite racquet. Here it is, sold for 99 pounds! Maybe I should hold onto it as you say. http://www.thevintager.de/WILSON-CHRIS-EVERT-AUTOGRAPH/en

    I guess I'll find a deal on the bay or through a supplier.

    I'm hitting with the Graphene Extreme. I like the tweener racquets with a bit of butt cap weight to make them head light. I play with a 1hbh so a leather grip could help with the feel as the posters were saying, but I wouldn't go far as Breakpoint's comment that it makes or breaks his backhand!

    I'm teaching mostly intermediate and beginner adults clinics and privates with some advanced players thrown in there as well. I'm also playing interclub leagues at the 4.5 level, so trying to improve my game as well!
    continued from below....

    Look at you GOAT status, kids, and 10000 posts! I always respected your fair and unbiased approach on the boards and you always had a sense of humour. I got my hands on the new Graphene line of racquets and was looking into putting a leather grip in when I saw your post. Do you think there are any differences between the leather grips of the 80s as opposed to the ones used today? I could splurge $20 on a new grip or go to my parents house and dig up my old Chrissy Evert racquets (no shame) and take the leather grips off those. The might be a bit short, but play one handed anyways.

    Besides all that, everything good? Definitely missing Aykhan, and company. Those were the days! Who are the brightest posters of today?
    Hey Slice! shhhh, I'll be out of here in a jiffy if the gestapo comes by and hears us talking. I took a big break from the boards, let the tennis melting pot mix up a bit. Now that Fed and Nadal aren't dominating as much as they were before, it's become more interesting. I've actually got a lot back into the game after taking a break to pursue a film career. I got my club pro 1 certification up here in Canada and started teaching again, it feels great being back on the court coaching, I'm debating whether to get into it more on a full time basis.

    How are you? Probably finished college by now. Ontario somewhere, right?
    All is well here. Parenthood, writing, kids growing up...into tennis players. Playing tennis, but not enough! Missing the likes of guga, goran and rafter. Enjoying the swiss davis cuppers. Enjoying having mixed feelings about nadal, djokovic, et al....and not posting much.
    Thanks for saying hello!
    Hey slice, how are you doing? Old poster signing in after ages, here's a hint, had a mania with a certain skunk haired player. Is this visitor message tool public? If so, I could give you my email addy.

    Best wishes,
    Fedsyfan aka RM
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