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    The 6.1 Returns

    Agreed, the 2017 version is beautiful. Great playing racquet too. Played with one for over five hours last week and loved every second of it. My sensitive arm handled the dampened stiffness of 67 just fine with SG at mid tension in it. No vibrations for me even on mishits. Nice feel even if a...
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    PT57/Austria/Prestige haters thread

    I never liked the paintjob on the PT280, but I still play with it. :confused: Guess I'm doing this tennis thing all wrong!
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    PT57/Austria/Prestige haters thread

    I've never played with an Austrian made Head so I wouldn't know anything about how they feel. Now, I can say that my Chinese made PT280 feels a thousand times better to me than the Graphene XT Prestige Pro I demoed last week. I'd stop playing tennis if I had to play with that hollow feeling...
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    Recommended Alternative to Tourna?

    Wilson Advantage feels similar to Tourna, and the durability seems better. Any Tourna fan should try it.
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    T Fight 315?

    I'll for sure pick up a few if the stiffness level is below 64. I'm still loving the old model and love the paint job.
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    Feedback on these racquets? Looking for a player's frame. 1hbh.

    I'm going to recommend the Prince TT 100P again. I don't even play with this racquet but it is a diamond in the rough. You should think about demoing it if you're looking at the Yonex DR98. The only reason why I'm not playing with the 100P is because for whatever reason the Prince grip shape...
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    2017 Stuttgart Open - ATP general discussion

    Bravo Pouille! I love his all court game. I hope he wins many more titles in his career.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I play tennis to have fun and I want the most comfortable racquet for me. I don't care about power or getting hit off the court by someone better than me. I'm over forty years old so I know a racquet won't help me play better. I just think people should play with whatever they like no matter...
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    Are Grigor Dimitrov fans masochists?

    Beware! Cougars can mess you up.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Wilson reissues the PS 85, 6.1, and now maybe an H19 mold. Bravo! Okay Head, your time is here to step up and finally release the older molds that you never stopped making for the pro players to the public again. You are making them already, no more excuses. :)
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    Prince Textreme Tour - Tail Weighting?

    The chambers seem narrower than most of the racquets in my collection. Don't see why it would be a problem because it is deep. Guess it depends on how much weight you want to add.
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    Help me choose a control racquet

    Maybe the Prince Textreme Tour 100P. Nice controlled power with decent spin from an 18x20 racquet. It feels modern but old school at the same time. Cool racquet! Demoed it against the older Babolat PS 18x20 and thought it was better at everything. Liked it way more than the older Pure Strike...
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    2017 Stuttgart Open - ATP general discussion

    Dimitrov is still trying to copy Federer.:)
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    Looking for a soft arm/shoulder friendly Syn gut

    Spiraltek by Babolat is on the soft side for SG, so is Forten Sweet. I think Head SG PPS is the softest I've tried, but it is too muted for me. Gamma SG and Prince SG with or without the guard stuff is more on the crisp side like Gosen Sheep Micro. Tourna SG Armor is in the middle for SG.
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    2017 Stuttgart Open 2R - Roger Federer VS Tommy Haase

    Tennis TV is broadcasting the match.