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    The Cult of PT57

    My guess was that they put the pt630 pj on this racket in this pic. I think this was head graphite 600örn-uutiskuva/540693383
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    Radek stepanek racket

    Alea Bossworth :(
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    The Cult of PT57
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    The Cult of PT57
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    The Cult of PT57

    True, could be. Unfortunately i don’t find a picture where one can see it from the side. But it looks blue/black. I don’t know of any other model from this time with these colors
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    Radek stepanek racket

    thanks! What is the pt318 in terms of retail i don’t find any info on that?
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    Radek stepanek racket seems like he is still using those today
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    The Cult of PT57örn-renzenbrink-bei-den-news-photo/540707677 Looks like even back in the day they had paintjobs. This is obviously not a pro tour since not box beam ;)
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    Radek stepanek racket

    Does anyone know what head racket radek stepanek has used at the end of his career and/or what he is using nowadays e.g. currently at the atp champions tour in London?
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    Mattek-Sands Solid Black Racquet at Chicago WTA 500

    Interesting. Maybe dr325 can help here. Obviously a blacked out head frame
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    Dimitrov racket

    There are some of his test frames pt313.2 on the bay that he tested some time ago
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    Pallet changes can destroy hairpins?

    Yes my concern was that the end of the hairpin breaks of. Not the pallets. I removed the trap door cap and the graphite layers already look flayed at the points where the staples enter. dont want to destroy my expensive pt57as ;)