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    why is federe was so bad in 2008 ???

    In his first interview at Wimbledon 2008 he said in response to a question, Q. "How would you compare your game now to your game a year ago this time?" ROGER FEDERER: "Well, now it's better again. Maybe at the beginning of the year, like I said, I felt a little slow. Just felt a little bit...
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    Nadal: "Sometimes people from some countries don’t understand tennis"

    When Djokovic was booed off the court in last years USO it was Nadal who supported Djokovic Nadal wasn't complaining about lack of support for him or the support being for Djokovic, he was complaining about the booing. It's one thing cheering for your chosen man/team, but booing a great...
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    Wedding of the Century :)

    Both handsome men, but Rafa gets my vote. Rafa has that something extra, a vitality. I think it is in the eyes, but it could be the smile or the bone structure, actually it's the whole package.
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    Djokovic to play Tokyo and Shanghai

    When he arrived in Tokyo Djokovic, 32, suggested there were ’emotional’ factors at play that may have contributed to his shoulder problem. Read more: Twitter...
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    I am fully aware of what arthroscopy is and that it can be used for investigation or treatment. Yes Nadal did undergo arthroscopy in order to remove loose bone fragments. Djokovic himself said he had a small medical intervention, medical not surgical. I have not read anywhere of the actual...
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    I only suggested that the minor medical intervention in 2018 could have been as simple as a cortisone injection because there seemed to be very little information about what he had undergone. Where did you read about the mesh? Available information at the time seemed very vague and...
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    Everyone talks about Djokovic having to undergo another surgery as though he had undergone a major procedure. He actually agreed to and had a minor medical intervention. He made this statement via his Instagram account. Medical intervention does not imply a surgical procedure, it could...
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    Roof at Roland-Garros next year...

    Nadal and Djokovic have played to my knowledge, one match on clay, under a roof. Hamburg 2008, the result determined the number two ranking position. Nadal won 7-5, 2-6, 6-2.
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    WTF should not be worth any ATP points.

    That is exactly what diminishes it as a tournament. It is not representative of the tour in general. I thought that the WTF's were I tended to be the culmination of and representation of the world tour as a whole.
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    Roger Federer felt back and neck pain in US Open loss

    What about Paris Bercy 2008 and Wtf's 2014?
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    Kyrgios won't give up

    It was 3am. and very humid because the locker rooms were a good distance away Nadal changed in an unlit tunnel off the court, to save time. On returning to the court he realized that he had accidentally put his shorts on the wrong way round. He asked if he could quickly go and change, Bernardes...
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    Kyrgios won't give up

    It's a total misrepresentation of what happened. The Kyrgios side is maybe as shown, I can't say because I didn't watch. The Nadal side not correct. I have just watched a replay, several times and I am absolutely sure of what happened. Nadal and Medvedev had just played an amazing 32 shot...
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    Fergus Murphy should be suspended.

    I agree. Who could know what Kyrgios is serious about, he certainly seems to have an obsession.with Nadal. As for the fine, I don't think paying a fine will have any effect on the behaviour of Kyrgios. He is a millionaire, thanks to tennis which he says he doesn't enjoy.$113k is small change to...