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    In/Out Device

    V3.0 looks like a good update to hardware and software. On the other side of the spectrum is SwingVision that uses smartphone camera & software. I'm suspicious of how one camera can do this but software can do amazing things ;) A comparison between these two solutions would be very...
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    Tennis Shoe pricing keeps soaring! Is there a limit?

    You should really consider online as most, of not all, have free return shipping. I will often order different pairs/sizes and try them all on and return what I don't like.
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    Tennis Shoe pricing keeps soaring! Is there a limit?

    They do make shoes across different price ranges that share style which is great. I have moved around different price points and been pleasantly surprised by the quality so give it a shot if you see something at a good price. Worst case you just got a cheap pair of walking shoes ;)
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    Solecourt Boost upper eyelet digging into foot?

    I have narrow feet so this has not ever been an issue. I would suggest to wear 2 pairs of socks, the low ones are fine but throw some athletic crews over them. Your feet will thank you later.
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    Why are these ball machines so obscenely expensive?

    My club has Playmate machines with the iPlaymate add on. Connect phone via BT, download the app and done. Can get drills to phone or manually setup drills, also ability to control ball feed from iwatch is great. I know these machines are more commercial based but the system works well.
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    What is your favorite (current) oversize frame ?

    Good God those are HUGE frames! I've never thought of playing with them but now I kinda want to try some out, especially if there is a 137! ;) TW Quote: Gamma updates the king of super oversize racquets. With its extended 29 inch length, you cannot get more reach legally.
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    New ELSO Double Sock System

    Can't you just wear two socks? Just a thought as I do this commonly.
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    Good Point Videos

    LOL, funny.
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    Sick Pickle Trickle

    Um, the 'panty dropper' ball was out before he hit it, just saying.
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    Why are these ball machines so obscenely expensive?

    I know you can get a Playmate 2 button remote for $50 from many distributors. I still think this is crazy since it's basically a cheap garage style key fob that's maybe worth $9.
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    Repressurizing used Balls

    Unless the felt can be restored a bald ball that bounces is not going to be good to play, drill or use in a ball machine. To make things worse is they will probably lose pressure faster and hitting with a dead ball can lead to arm/elbow/shoulder issues.
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    Good tennis ball collector?

    Tomahopper's are nice. Durable and easy to transport, I think they are up at the $350 level though.
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    Giant Hole in Wilson US Open Can Lids

    New lids to reduce plastic use. Since once opened they don't keep pressure in the balls, just keeps them from falling out.
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    You play 4.0 or above and use synthetic gut? Please share your setup

    I've been happy with HyperG/Wilson Sensation Comfort. I currently have a few sets of Gamma Pro to mix in there as well. I will say don't go with something solely on price b/c string is always cheaper than having arm issues that take you off the courts for extended time.
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    Bag for 3 rackets, towel, extra shirt, and water

    I really like my Adidas Tour 12 bag. Most racket bags won't have a water bottle pocket but has great storage and solid construction. It can easily hold 4 rackets and with enough room for all additional gear. Has organization pockets such as wet pocket, valuables pocket, side pocket and can...