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    Opinion on ADV/Geau bags (worth the price?)

    I have the Adidas Tour Tennis 12 and it is a great bag for the price. Has some shortcomings with lack of organization, black lined pockets etc. but overall a great bag that is holding up well after years of regular use. friend has the ADV bag and it is a VERY VERY nice bag. He admits it was a...
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    Have any of you stocked up on shoes and had them go bad in storage?

    Not really. I've had some for better part of a year in my closet (in box) and had no issues. I always rotate between 2 pairs of shoes in active rotation.
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    Ball selection before a social match

    I think it matters and is better for your arm/elbow to not play with dead balls. In general if you hold a ball up above your head at arms length and drop it, it should bounce bast your waist. If not it's got low pressure. That being said if I'm just hitting around with friends or family I'll use...
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    Best socks for tennis?

    At my shoe size of M14 my options are limited. I like the Nike crew socks with max cushioning and the Elite's are nice and durable, but pricey. I have some Thorlo Max cushion and while they feel good, they are really thick so heat can be an issue. I know many pro's wear 2 socks, which I have...
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    Adv jet pack tennis bag

    Buddy at my club has one of these and says he loves it. I've had plenty of bags in my time and currently my Adidas Tour is great but this looks to solve a few of the issues I have with my current Adidas bag: - Black interior just makes it impossible to see anything forcing me to dump out entire...
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    Tennis ball longevity for Casuals

    Triniti aren't bad, the sound is very different and they feel heavy at first, but after some good rallying they are fine (except the sound is still there). I don't think they are approved for match play, yet, but they do last a long time, in fact I have seen some that have almost no fuzz on them...
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    Favorite Value Tennis Ball for Hard Courts?

    I would usually just order when TW or others at least offered free shipping, but I haven't seen that come up in awhile. I laugh at the shipping charges for 1 case of balls, but I order 2 pairs of shoes, strings, grips and clothes across multiple boxes and it's free shipping.
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    Favorite Value Tennis Ball for Hard Courts?

    Costco Penn's can be hit and miss as far as quality. Some come dead out of the can and I had 1 that was not round, more egg shaped. For regular hitting & warm up they are just fine for me and the cost is good. For my budget go to ball I like the Dunlop ATP Champs. For high end/splurge I have...
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Not sure I can get a womens size as I'm a Mens US14 ;) That's a big ladies shoe, and I would hate to see the size of the butterflies!
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    I'm really liking my GP Turbos - prior I was a big Zoom Zero (still have a pair in the box) but bummed the GP Turbo's are gone. I missed the bus and didn't buy more pairs, hopefully there is something from Nike that is similar so I can stock up before they are gone.
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    Crosses for Poly Mains

    I've tried a few and have settled on Solinco Hyper G Mains (51) / Solinco Vanquish Cross (53).
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    Why Tennis Balls are an Environmental Disaster

    My club uses the as does a local Lodge/facility - on tennis committee for both. Looking at renewaball at over $12 a can that's not a solution that the tennis community will adopt. Wilson Triniti are a good practice ball but are not allowed for competitive play (USTA) as both...
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    Grip Size 5 - don't be afraid

    I used to play a grip size 5 with an overwrap, but have since switch to 3/8 w/overwrap so about 1/2 now and I really like it. It did take some getting used to with regards to grip force and comfort.
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    If Serena wins the US Open in a few weeks

    She's the greatest female player we have seen in this era and I was lucky enough to see her play live at USOpen in the past. Not likely she will get that far because the next gen female players are that good.
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    Shoe Outsole Warranty Replacement Process needs work

    I'm trying to get my son's shoes replaced by Head under their outsole guarantee process. While getting it started was just an email (or call) to show proof of purchase and pics of the shoes noting the wear was easy, the return process is not. Head wants me to send my son's shoes in to be...