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    Anyone super picky about socks?

    Anyone have info on the cushioning of the Nike Multiplier or Nike Cushion Crew vs. Nike Elite socks?
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    Your favourite socks

    Is the Balega as thickly padded as the Thorlo 3?
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    Uniqlo apparel review

    Thanks again! Looks like I'd want the thicker Nike Elites.
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    Uniqlo apparel review

    Thanks for all your help. Are the Uniqlo Federer US Open socks thicker or thinner than Nike Elite Tennis socks?
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    Uniqlo apparel review

    Thanks for all the info. Do you know what Nike tennis sock size would 25-27cm and 27-29cm correspond to?
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    Nike Fall 2019

    Thanks. Any info about the colors?
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    Nike Fall 2019

    What's better about it? Also, do they fit the same?
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    Sunglasses ... Yes, No & Which?

    Does anyone know what frames and lenses the Bryan Bros. are wearing in the linked picture?
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    Mike Bryan's prescription glasses

    Thanks for all the info. Does the "blue" tint work well on clay? What color clay do you play on?
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    Nike Shoes - Winter - Cage

    Hi, Will you have the Nike Cage Shoe 918193-004 with a clay sole? If so, when? Thank you
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    Nike Vapor X

    Great, thanks. Curious about the Cage 3 as well.
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    Nike Vapor X

    Does the clay Cage 3 run 1/2 size larger than the hard court version or is the clay version only a little more roomy in the toebox or in width?
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    Nike Vapor X

    Does the clay shoe run 1/2 size larger or is only the toebox a little more roomy?
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    Chung Glasses make

    Thanks for the info. What brand and model of glasses?
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    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    Would like to see this but cutwin indicates link expired. Also would be nice to see Nadal/Bolleli if cutwin works.