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    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Wimbledon final 2019

    The choke was Fed's forehand pass on his second break point at 11 all in the 5th set. He came back from 0-40 that game, narrowly missed a crosscourt slice on the first breakpoint (no choke there), but he had a such a good look at his forehand on the second break point. He hits a benign...
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    What is the biggest slam finale loss of a heavy favourite in the Open Era?

    Jimmy Connors losing the 1975 Wimbledon Final to Arthur Ashe.
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    Best half-volley on tour?

    Marius Copil among current players. Tim Henman amongst the retired set.
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    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    naturallight - did not hit with the prior navy version, but did own the Duel G 100. I think the current 16x19 pattern as compared to the Duel's 16x20 makes for a slightly livelier string bed. Racket is maneuverable and has a big sweetspot, so easy to volley with. Playability wise, it is...
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    new Yonex VCORE Pro 100 (300) -- arm-friendly 100 sq in option?

    Mine is strung with Solinco Vanquish @ 53 lbs. - uber comfortable.
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    What is the greatest example of an otherwise unremarkable player GOATing their way through a major tournament?

    Chris Lewis getting to the '83 Wimbledon Final is up there. I second the motion on Martin Verkerk's FO run as well.
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    Tecnifibre - which models use the "Head" pallets

    I've heard the Limited series use the Head pallets, but most others are PU molded. Do we know/have a comprehensive list?
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    Cincinnati 2019 Men's Qualifying Draw

    Thx - do we at least already know the qualifying player's list or not until tomorrow also?
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    Cincinnati 2019 Men's Qualifying Draw

    Couldn't find it on their website. When does this get posted?
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    Boris Becker Legend and Melbourne

    Are these the same mold? Are the black and white grommets interchangeable? The Legends has mini power holes along 3 and 9. Same for Melbourne?
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    Jose Garcia - chaotictimes21: Highly recommended

    Bought an older model Fischer racket. Product was accurately described, promptly shipped, emailed tracking #, communication and follow up were spot on. Everything about the transaction was smooth and a model example for how business on this board should be conducted. Wouldn't hesitate to buy...
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    FS: Rare Fischer Players Frames

    Email sent.
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    Yonex R-23: tension reduction on crosses

    What is the recommended tension for mains vs crosses? Can't remember if crosses are supposed to be 5% or 10% less. Is this still recommended?
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    Best Slice BH of all time?

    Gianlucca Pozzi