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    FS: Rare Fischer Players Frames

    Email sent.
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    Yonex R-23: tension reduction on crosses

    What is the recommended tension for mains vs crosses? Can't remember if crosses are supposed to be 5% or 10% less. Is this still recommended?
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    Best Slice BH of all time?

    Gianlucca Pozzi
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    Gimelstob resigns

    Nothing on ATP site yet? (Just biding time for a comeback.)
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    Dunlop Black Max Plus / Matchmate Graphite

    I remember trying a Matchmate back in college, pretty decent demo from memory. I just picked up a brand new Dunlop for $13 plus shipping. Looking forward to the hit. Thanks for the info. and history. Such a trove of knowledge on these boards!
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    Dunlop Black Max Plus / Matchmate Graphite

    Can anyone confirm if these 2 frames are from the same molds? Also looking for stringing instructions on the Dunlop, pretty sure it is 16 mains, not sure of crosses and skip holes, etc.
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    WTB - Pacific X Tour Pro 97

    Must be G5 grip size and 9+ condition. Expecting crickets.....
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    I saw his qualifying match against Lorenzi and TBH wasn't overly impressed. I didn't see any great weapons and he made some typical unforced errors that the top players don't. He was definitely poised and composed though. Great to see him make a run. Hope he makes the Final.
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    Federer thinks how they set up the court in Hard Rock is odd.

    The 200 level seats on the "non-Club" side feel steep like the old Louis Armstrong stadium - Federer is right. Waste of time to be in the Stadium if you don't have an extremely low level seat.
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    New Miami Open Venue vs Old

    I was at the tournament on Wednesday. IMO the new site has nothing on Key Biscayne. The jimmy rigging they did to create the Stadium court is just that. A 200 level seat shares the feel of looking down from the top row of the old Louis Armstrong stadium in NY. Unless you have a premium low...
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    Miami Open - Hard Rock parking $40

    Rip off
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    Diadem Elevate Tour - quick Review

    Not rectangular like Head Prestige. Maybe closer to Dunlop or Babolat. I've got 2 overgrips so some of the bevel sharpness is lost.
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    Diadem Elevate Tour - quick Review

    Being a fan of their strings, I had previously demoed the Diadem Elevate and had pretty high expectations. While not disappointed, (for me) the Elevate had a bit too much flex, and while the power level and plow through were fine for a 305g unstrung frame, it wasn't exactly where I'd want it...
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    H2Hs explained

    By that logic, Hewitt (5-4), Roddick (2-1), Safin (5-4), Bruguera (3-2), Stich (5-4), Kracijek (6-4) or even Wayne Ferreira (6-7) for that matter would have the same comparable "success" as Sampras.
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    H2Hs explained

    McEnroe vs Borg was 7-7 HTH yet they never competed on clay where Borg, with 6 French Opens to McEnroe's 0, would have been heavily favored. If those 14 are all on clay, it's a different story, but if Borg had a 14-0 HTH against McEnroe, it wouldn't tell an accurate story. Ditto with playing...