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    How can I say no?

    Same for me, I play with less skilled players frequently. I try to practice my weaker shots and not call the ball out even when I see it out. In fact, I decided to use my backhand almost exclusively against one guy (probably, a mid-level 3.5) and nearly lost (had to switch back to...
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    2012 IW Final: Federer v. Isner

    The amazing thing is that Federer had almost twice as many aces as Isner -- 7 vs 4!
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    Roger Federer vs. Thomaz Bellucci - 2012 Indian Wells 4th Round

    That's a disappointing video -- nothing to be seen!
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    Agree or Disagree: Groundies In Doubles

    Same here. If i can pin the opponent behind the baseline and have a cross-court baseline rally, it is usually an advantage for me, at least against doubles players of similar skill.
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    Out call questioning... Am I in the wrong here?

    Well, for one thing the sensors in Hawkeye have limited precision. Obviously, it cannot be correct every time when the ball is very close to the line. I have seen a couple of cases, when it looked like Hawkeye was out of whack, but don't have any conclusive examples. It probably also depends...
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    How to deal with slice?

    I mean that you would get a low slice mid-court as you are approaching the net. If your volley is very solid, you can bend your knees and put it nicely in a corner, but most people cannot do that.
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    Out call questioning... Am I in the wrong here?

    Actually there is no reason to think Hawkeye is 100% correct, but it is unbiased and consistent.
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    How to deal with slice?

    Perhaps. But, I have seen this advice a lot, and against most people I would consider to be slicers it simply does not work. If you rush the net, you will be sliced to death.
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    How to deal with slice?

    Well, then it is not so much going to the net, but being generally aggressive, while not committing too many errors.
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    How to deal with slice?

    Best advice. Bending your knees low is the trick for dealing with slice. I am always puzzled by people who advocate going to the net against slicers. Volleying a nice low slice is by no means simple and it is very easy to pop the volley up for an easy putaway. Unless your net game is rock...
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    Dubai 2012 Discussion Thread

    Come on, when was the last time he lost to Youzny?
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    Can a guy exclusively using a slice backhand...

    Btw, I have watched a couple of Llodra matches recently (he is getting destroyed by Fed at the moment) and realized that he slices almost all of his backhands. His career results are very similar to those of Santoro -- not a superstar but a very solid pro player (in fact he has won two doubles...
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    Can a guy exclusively using a slice backhand...

    There is a wiki page with detailed information: Here is some more: Another way to view his longevity: Of the 24 players who have been ranked No. 1 in the ATP rankings, which began in...
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    Can a guy exclusively using a slice backhand...

    Fabrice Santoro has won 6 tournaments in singles and 24 in doubles (including two grand slams). Although, he was never one of the very top players, this is a very successful career by any standard.