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  • Hey Dr.,

    Yeah - the PT57a seems like that's a pretty good place to start. Vidda keeps getting new sticks in, but they're all 27.5" (which I'm unsure if would work for me). I'm pretty set on picking up one or two.

    Any thoughts? Also, I've read conflicting things about place of manufacture and feel. Some have said earlier models (code on throat) felt good but fell off with the move to China mfg. Some have claimed they have been made in China the whole time. Some have written that Youtek and newer PJs feel the best (and personally, I love the look of the Graphene Prestige).

    In any case, all help / commentary is helpful and appreciated!

    Thanks again!
    Hey man,

    Thanks for the quick response. This is my first time modding a racquet, and I just couldn't quite figure out how folks were getting 6+ pts hl while adding 5 grams centered at 12 o'clock and still staying around 345.

    My lead is 5 grams total - 4 at 3/9 - 1 at 12. Would you mind sharing the specifics of your setup?

    Again, very much appreciated as I'm a bit new to this side of things.

    THANK YOU!!!
    Hi PP,

    I've looked around string forum, and there's a few on there for $425 range. Is that about fair these days? Any other advice as far as making sure I don't get a fake? I've read a ton of threads, but am still not sure about the definitive things to look for / questions to ask when sussing out legitimacy.

    Thanks again for taking the time man. It's much appreciated!
    Hey thanks for the kind words. I strongly suggest String Forum (just google it, as TT will censor the link). Best place to buy and sell PT57s.
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