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    Why is Novak's ground game better than Fed's?

    I realize you're probably just here to troll.. but as a Djokovic fan as well, you're just ignorant. Roddick had the leg up on Djokovic in his young days too. Hell, Safin kicked Djokovic's butt at his precious AO. Why? Because Djokovic was young. And hey! Now Fed is old. We're not gonna be able...
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    Why attending the NY Open blows away the US Open

    I know its just the first year, but with the amount of spectators here... do you think it will be enough to keep the event? Yeah, its great for us, the spectators to have empty seats, but it doesn't quite look good on TV, for sponsors, or revenue for the event.
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    Remember the Djokovic diet hate?

    Not sure if this has been posted but he's eating fish again. Vajda said if he were to come back on coaching team Novak had to eat fish at the least. source: edit: noticed this was posted, sorry! But point stands, the man is not vegan
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    Khachanov with Head

    I only started playing tennis 10 years ago and started with a MG Prestige Pro, then the YTPMPs. Just found an amazing deal on mint YTIGPMids.... I kind of get you rambles now :D Problem is, the urge to use it as my main stick is strong but not sure if the head size disadvantage is worth lol.
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    Andy Murray left Under Armour?

    Who said he liked the Wilson though? I'm sure he likes it, he won so much with it but has admitted he should have switched to something bigger in his career, hence the Babolat.
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    Khachanov with Head

    I guess makes sense... I do think that takes out a lot of the intangibles (level of competitive tennis etc.). Safin is one of the most cleanest ball strikers we've seen, was versatile everywhere, and moved very well considering his size. oh, that size gave him massive power. Too bad he was...
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    Is Murray the greatest British sportsman ?

    Very fair. Its one of these sports where equipment varies differently. The best teams generally recruit the best drivers but that's hardly scientific. My problem isn't disqualifying F1 from a discussion like this, it was more the fact that people said that F1 isn't a sport because people drive...
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    Is Murray the greatest British sportsman ?

    LOL @ anyone who considers Darts and Snooker a sport and not F1. (I consider them all sports for the record, but if pressed to order, I would have to put F1 above the other 2 in terms of physicality). The physical shape both physical and mental you have to be in to sit in a car for those laps...
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    Where to add lead to make a Youtek Prestige MP as close to a Prestige Mid as possible?

    Hey guys, just have a YouTek Prestige MP and a YouTek IG Prestige Mid. I know the IG and non IG will have some difference but besides that, weight wise... how do I best get the whipp-iness and plow of the Mid on the MP? Both have leather grips... On the Prestige MP, i currently have 2g at...
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    The best looking forehands

    Agreed, the backhand took a lot of the attention away, and understandable. But his entire game was awesome. and so smooth. He effortlessly generated pace and I think that is why one gets the "fed effect" when analyzing how smooth his game is. If only the man had better mental fortitude.. but...
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    AO Surface Change

    Was it confirmed that there was a surface change?
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    Uniqlo airism shirts

    IMO, they are more of an undershirt though someone can correct me. These are NOT the "performance" ones though (I was not aware?) - perhaps they use the same name? The really thin airism shirts I have, I substitute them to my regular undershirts underneath my dress shirts at work in the...
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    Tsitsipas Too Lazy To Get His Own Towel

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not offended about the ball kids handling towels.. its the entitlement of the young pros. Ball kids never used to need to cater as much as they do now. besides, it seems such a small thing to need to bother about. Hence...
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    2018 Shanghai Masters

    Man, its all between the ears for Fed these days more than his body (which is crazy considering his age, and not saying the body isn't a factor it obviously is). When he's confident, his groundstrokes suddenly have sting. Look at this last game @ 5-4. Good and bad thing for Fed fans....
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro vs. Tecnifibre ATP TFight 305 XTC

    Hey Chris, I've never actually used the Speed Pro for much length of time. The one time I did.. I thought it was very powerful for a 18x20 and didn't feel like a control racquet. I was using a Prestige MP at the time though. Would you compare the Speed Pro to be almost like a blade in terms of...