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    Huge Tsitsipas Profile

    Didn't even know he was so into the online stuff social media stuff lol. I guess I'm not much into that myself but surprising to me sometimes when that's something athletes focus on, especially pre-real success.
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    Federer vs Gasquet : The return of the maestro

    Did Fed just grunt hitting those big FH? :O The 2nd was out but that was interesting!
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    Felix Auger Aliassime

    I remember watching him live last year vs Medvedev at Rogers Cup. There was the way he moved that was "smooth" - not unlike a Djokovic, I enjoyed it. Hopefully he doesn't let the pressure to get to him but I think him having to go the hard way has helped. The guy has had to paly qualifiers...
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    Is Wilson Blade the most used frame on tour?

    I'm not sure what you're talking about. I didn't mention the Blade at all... I mentioned I was just surprised by the two posters I quoted that they said that they think the most common are the yellow Babolats. With regards to the Blades... there's quite a few Blades IMO, some stock, some pro...
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    Is Wilson Blade the most used frame on tour?

    You guys really think that the yellow Babolat is the most common? Personally, I can only count a handful on top of my head that play with one..
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    2019 Miami - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

    Agreed on embarrassment, and at this point in their careers he definitely should be owning him. With that said, Ferrer= mug ? come on now. In his prime, he was always a tough guy to beat because he was super fit and never gave up.
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    How do tennis players pay their taxes?

    Wait so you're saying that if Fed doesn't win the tournament, he pays money every time he plays at Wimby? That's hilarious. How can taxes cost as much as one earns? I'm not saying you're not telling the truth, I'm just saying that it sounds pretty absurd (and I'm sure its true lol). He...
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    Watching Nadal live

    Yes i was confused and slightly disappointed lol.
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    Khachanov similiar to Safin?

    Khachanov is just a baseline basher for now. Safin was extremely dangerous anywhere around the court... he's probably the closest to an all courter with a 2HBH in recent times IMO. Would have really gave Fed a run for his money in that prime more consistently if he had a better mental game, we...
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    If/when Federer is overtaken in slams, will he still be the GOAT?

    I would say yes for Djokovic. Fed was my first choice as a fan but besides that as a tennis fan (and therefore a fan of all 3) I think as most here have said, while GS tally is the most memorable, being well rounded is also important. H2H is overrated and IMO kind of useless especially with...
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    Bringing back a ball toss on serve should be a fault

    Very good point it would be hard. I guess I'm just sick of people "practicing" before serving. It's not fair. One doesn't get a redo on any other stroke. I guess we'd have to eliminate it altogether.. .the other opponent would have the same disadvantages I guess.
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    Bringing back a ball toss on serve should be a fault

    People causing a distraction? Balling rolling on court? Sure. These are external factors by people. For any levels. I don't think the debate is with external factors. Its about factors within someones control which a ball toss is. 2.0 tennis? if they have special rules... sure. Nothing wrong...
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    Bringing back a ball toss on serve should be a fault

    I agree - I just think that you're going to get pushback because its a "new" rule from the chronic catchers. The toss is one of the most important parts of the serve so i think one should not be allowed a redo. Even that aside, its part of the stroke. How ridiculous would "oh... i didn't have...
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    Who had the better forehand: Wawrinka or Fernando Gonzalez?

    I read this as who had the better forehead :oops: Still not awake apparently. *sips coffee* Oh and Gonzalez by a long shot.. if anything Wawrinka is known for the BH. His power ont he forehand though is not shabby and I think because of the strength of his BH, he gets some better opportunities...
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    Nick Kyrgios Fan Club

    I was with you... until "pinnacle of dedication". A synonym of dedication is perseverance. Kygrios has not shown perseverance in many of his matches which led to his label. I"m a fan, I just hope he can get it together, but lets not kid ourselves with his dedication. My opinion of course.