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    Noah rubin goes pro

    no way ,he has no weapons... his grinding game won't hurt any top 100 pros..
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    2015 NCAA Finals Thread

    Yep the remaining USC players crashed today. Til we meet again next year
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    Singles Draw Posted

    Yes your are half right Most plasyers who made it thru later rounds of team competition are drained . But from what I'm seeing here in Waco the ones who are left ,really want to compete and get that free ride into the U.S. Open . Non-US residents players who are seniors have no real...
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    Singles Draw Posted

    There is no inferior player at this point. I'm so glad he lost .. Baylor foreigners all act like idiots in front of their home crowd ,no class .. At the beginning of this year I may have liked them but seeing their arrogance I hope they never win anything .! Wang was down 2 match points and...
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    I hope Stanford can do it but those guys are too green... I really like the new head coach...if he sticks around he's going to be one of the best ... he's young and full of energy (positive energy)his players respnd to him ... I'd give Stanford 3-4 years and they will be back to thieir old...
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    ok it's May.. the party is over... everyone knows which team wins in May...
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    PAC-12 OJAI tennis championships--Stanford #1 seed

    everything looked like Stanford was going to take the Pac 12 title... they won the dubs point .. JW made quick work at the 4 spot to make it 1-1 everything was smooth sailing for USC until Stanford won the second set on 1 and 2 court .. Roberto won at #3... USC was leading 2-1 ... that lead...
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    PAC-12 OJAI tennis championships--Stanford #1 seed

    and the finals is at 5pm.... why so late ?
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    PAC-12 OJAI tennis championships--Stanford #1 seed

    the thing that is really getting under my skin with all this ,is , in the regular season,they played no-ad.. now comes the play off they play regular ,so why the hell did they even do no-ad to begin with ?
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    PAC-12 OJAI tennis championships--Stanford #1 seed

    Since Ojai changed to the Pac 12 championship I feel there is something missing . I rather see them keep it the old way where the individual finals is played on Sunday. There were a bit of nostalgia like being at Wimbledon when people would get all dressed up to come out on Sunday to watch the...
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    ITA rankings

    individual rankings are so messed up.. if you do well in the fall everything pretty much stays the same for months ,even if you have bad losses ..
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    another fail for college tennis...
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    Stanford Men

    haha.. thx no autographs please ...Ojai and Waco will be most interesting ... here's was my other 01-19-2015 News alert ..Baylor is playing at home this year at the NCAA and has a loaded team full of experience foreign players... they will be a major force this year...
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    2014-15 Season - D1

    yes... Fedex you are the man.... Standford tennis is alive and well... looks like Pac 10 of old ...USC,Stanford,UCLA and Cal battling for the Pac 12 title at Ojai ...
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    International recruiting at the collegiate level

    not true... it would be more like Stanford and UCLA...