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    TGT293.2/TGT293.1 –– TGT291.2 ––– PT57A – TGK238

    I do love the feel of Blade v7 (both 16x19 and 18x20 share it – played with both today for two hours) – but I must admit I have some troubles adjusting to the sweetspot of the racket and miss precision. I had the same troubles with recent Prince rackets (Tour 95, 100P) and Wilson Ultra Tour –...
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    TGT293.2/TGT293.1 –– TGT291.2 ––– PT57A – TGK238

    Played today with kBlade 98 and Blade v7. I must admit I know why with the exception of maybe nBlade and 2015' edition – I've found Blades inferior to older HEAD Radical frames. Feel, manoeuvrability and precision was simply always far better, not to mention some of Prestige rackets. Okay, the...
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    Dunlop 300 Lineage?

    Bio 300 Tour and the rest during some testing this summer. Some people stated that F300 Tour Classic is simply the same frame – but still haven't had enough time to test them side by side. However this is still great racket – easy to manoeuvre, precise and surprisingly stable at that low static...
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    PT113B1 ( 18x20) grommet set

    I was just wondering – is it possible to put TK293 18x20 grommet on YouTek/IG Radical MP? I had TK238 (the older version of TK293) on my Microgel Radical prostock and it was fine.
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    HEAD PETITION: Sign below if you want HEAD Prestige Mid 89.5 TK52 or TK237 Grommets!!!!!!

    Just bought quite expensive TK237 from UK retailer on auction site. I would like to use them for my Prestige 600 – I like the original green, but as I bought them used they are not in the good shape. 42. Songs for a dead pilot.
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    wilson blade

    Please let us know your thoughts. I really love flexy sticks but I find new Blade a bit hard for my one-handed backhand and slice – maybe a mixture of 98" ich head size and really flexy frame is not good for me. I used 95" rackets for last 15 years.
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    The Cult of PT57

    Maybe not related strictly to PT57 – but Wilson Blade v7 isn't that far from Pure Storm 98 and Pure Control 98! I have played with these sticks circa 2012-2013 – they were easy to use, decent feel and powerfull.
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    The Cult of PT57

    Oh God, he thinks switching to bigger frame will help him like could be of some help to Federer. But there's no proof the racket was of any help. Federer also changed the way he plays, moves, etc. However this is 18x20 as far as I still can see strings on computer monitor. I talked with...
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    When Will Wilson Allow Their Customers to Buy H22 and H19?

    @vsbabolat – if you had a chance to play with H22 and H19 – which one do you prefer? And how do you find Blade v7 feel-wise in comparison to H22? Thank you sir!
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    The Cult of PT57

    Really? I am quite shocked, this racket is far from being flexy. Also lack of straight beam doesn't help.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    What about the feel of Gravity vs Blade?
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    The Cult of PT57

    Most of HEAD players use old RADICAL frames at the moment as far as I remember. It's so funny none of them use new Radicals (ATP).
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    dunlop biomimetic 300 tour club

    My favorite one. However I can't buy them anymore – hence I will get back to Pacific X-Tack. Tested some cheap (but best in line) Pro's Pro – not compareable at all.
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    dunlop biomimetic 300 tour club

    I found some time to do some tests and here's my short feedback –– Head TGT260.5 and Head 291.2 – feels nice, but both twisting with lightweight setup. Dunlop Bio 300 Tour –– really quite stable, quick through air (I have leather grip which add around 5-9g in the handle) –– Dunlop PT924, AeroGel...
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    Okay, I think I get it. Thank you all. I thought more about mold – PT/TK57 (if the mold code is TK then grommets use the same codes which is somehow understandable). That's why I do prefer Bumblebee than Twin Tube – maybe a bit less comfortable but better feel. It could be that way...