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    Why are women jealous of sharapova?

    I agree with you about Russians... I don't like to generalize about nationalities, but still, it is something I have noticed before (and one of my Russian friends also told me that, for instance, in Russia people don't "smile for no reason", which means that you should not interpret the absence...
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    Why are women jealous of sharapova?

    I'm a woman and I'm not jealous of Sharapova... I don't follow her that much but my impression is that she is quite shy, which might be why she has an image of being rather cold and haughty. I find her very beautiful, although to be honest I wouldn't like to be as tall as she is!
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    If David Ferrer Loses in the 2012 U.S. Open semifinals...

    Well, with this draw, I'll be shocked if he DOESN'T reach the semis! :) Now, it depends whether he's back to pre-Olympics Ferrer or not, because if he plays like he has since the Olympics... I'm not sure he'll get there. But he has spent some time in Mexico to chill out and have a little...
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    Cincinnati R2 Wawrinka def. Ferrer 6/4 6/1 : what happened?

    Yeah, well, I think his decision not to play Toronto was due to the fact that he'd been playing a lot just before that... He played both singles and doubles in the Olympics, and even though he was out quite early in singles, and said doubles were not as exhausting, he had some very long matches...
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    The "Lost Generation"

    It's always a little pointless to speculate about what might have been... But certainly, people like Tsonga or Ferrer would have won a Slam by now if they had been playing in a weaker era. When I was little I remember a lot of Spanish guys who won "their" French Open and then didn't win much...
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    Cincinnati R2 Wawrinka def. Ferrer 6/4 6/1 : what happened?

    Did you see the match? I don't want to be disagreeable to Wawrinka fans who feel he has done something extraordinary, I don't wish him any ill, but really... It was Ferrer who lost the match, more than Wawrinka who won it. I don't know what will happen later but, apart from a possible...
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    2012 W&S Open - Cincinnati (The Real Slam) - Draw and General Discussion Thread

    Yep, I saw the second set (posted a topic about this - that was silly of me, I could just have discussed it here I guess). I don't want to take away the merit from Wawrinka, because honestly, he served really well, and didn't choke, he did the job. But really, I'd say about 80% of this...
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    Cincinnati R2 Wawrinka def. Ferrer 6/4 6/1 : what happened?

    Anyone has seen this match? Wawrinka played well, great serving, etc, but from what I saw, it was David who was really, really not playing at his usual level. Terrible stats for his serve: 55% only of 1st serve, and 4 double faults. Very unusual for him, he does not have a big serve but...
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    What are some players that are interesting to follow on twitter?

    Didn't Chela use to have a show called Tennis Pro? I've seen a couple of these and they were hilarious. I especially like the one where Nadal, Ferrer and two other guys are playing Playstation. It's a very long video, and it's funny as hell (the Argentine hosts also goof around and lie in Rafa's...
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    Could Top Tennis Players Complete Iron Man or Half Iron Man?

    When I said Ferrer could probably do it, I did not mean he could without training specifically for it. It seemed pretty obvious to me that no one can do this without training specifically for at least some time. But I believe he is a marathon runner. At any rate, he runs a lot and is very...
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    The amusing idiosyncrasies of players whilst on the court

    Ferrer: bites his towel / carries his towel in his mouth, blows in his palm after every point, and likes to walk a little circle towards the back of the court before going back to his place :)
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    Could Top Tennis Players Complete Iron Man or Half Iron Man?

    Ferrer would be an obvious candidate. He's extremely fit. I don't know what he's like as a swimmer, but since he comes from Valencia, by the sea... It seems safe to assume that he's a decent swimmer. He's known to be a very good runner and used to do a lot of running for his training. And...
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    Players you love to watch.

    I wouldn't say Ferrer is primarily defensive... He's a baseliner, but he's quite offensive. He can volley quite well when he wants to. But I didn't mean he reminded me of Kafelnikov because of his game and tactics. There's already one huge difference, anyway: David is a normal height (small...
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    How patriotic are you?

    I can become slightly more patriotic during the Olympics, because I'll be watching sports I don't usually watch, and since the media follow the French competitors, I'll tend to root for them, too. But normally, I am not patriotic at all, at least not when I really care about the sport. None...
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    Players you love to watch.

    The players I enjoyed/enjoy watching the most are my favourite players, logically :) Kafelnikov: I heard him called boring, I didn't think so, I loved his game, it was pure, academic, well-executed, he could do baseline strokes and also volley very well... Beautiful backhand too. I just had a...