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    AO 2021 R4: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [14] Milos Raonic

    Like the previous poster said it still no longer makes sense with the way how careers have lengthened. There is no big difference with someone born in 1987 or 1990.
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    Ranking freeze prevented a seismic change in tennis

    Having your records broken doesn't suddenly make your career invalid. Nothing anyone does now or in the future will erase or "save" Federer's career and his dominance over 2 decades.
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    Nadal confirms participation in Paris Masters one day after Djokovic confirmed he's not playing Paris

    He was 18 years old. Was he supposed to be winning everything at that age with no letdowns?
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    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

    Smartphones aren't going anywhere until they're replaced by a new technology. If you think smartphones have destroyed a generation then you must think the game is destroyed forever.
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    Andy Murray: The Man Who Ended The Big Three’s No. 1 Reign

    So what? The point of this series of posts was highlighting the men who made it to #1. Whatever the circumstances its still a rare achievement.
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    It seems quite simple to me

    Happened in basketball in the 80s with Bird, Jordan, and Michael all emerging in a 5 year span. And another potential GOAT in Kareem was still going strong even though at a far advanced age when the last one emerged (Jordan)
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    Federer without mask in Milan

    So what? Good to see he's still enjoying his life.
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    What's the most significant career loss for each player?

    Federer just turned 39 only 2 months ago and hasn't played a single match at 39 years old. Which match are you referring to?
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    GOAT is a marketing term

    Lol I guess you missed the point of the article that LL is the reason why the term GOAT is how its used today, that's the point. And lol at LL one of the greatest to ever do it being a mediocre rapper that nobody remembers. You need to brush up on your understanding of hip hop clearly.
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    GOAT is a marketing term LL is responsible for the modern usage of the term GOAT and how its used in sports and music conversations. Nobody was calling people the term GOAT in 1998 or any year until LL called himself that. Nor will...
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    GOAT is a marketing term

    The term GOAT was actually created by LL Cool J and was originally used in rap where it spread to sports and other avenues. Ali called himself the Greatest but he didn't call himself the GOAT.
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    There’s no more Big 3...

    He's 1 year older than Djokovic so it literally doesn't make a difference unless you're saying it would have been better for Nadal to not be a teen prodigy which makes absolutely no sense. Djokovic became a top 20 player in 2006 which is 1 year after Nadal. Why you're acting as if there was some...
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    There’s no more Big 3...

    So what? How does that benefit him more considering you're talking about a guy less than 1 year older than him not a guy who's 6 years older. Blossoming later than a prodigy makes no difference.
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    There’s no more Big 3...

    How has he benefitted more than Nadal? Are you saying there's something in Nadal's style that makes it easier for newer players to beat him?
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    This loss just makes USO even more frustrating

    These kind of posts are so disrespectful to other players especially the US Open Champion Thiem. Should we just disband the entire tour and make it only 3 players? Why is it so distressing that somebody else had a chance to win for once?