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    No wonder people are getting fat

    I've wondered what effect being in doors all the time, in an air conditioned cool environment does for weight. If it feels like fall weather all the time people might naturally eat more to bulk up for winter. Anyway, no idea if that is the case but I've wondered about that idea.
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    Happy Alien Abduction Day

    I hope no one experienced any alien anal probes on alien abduction day.
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    No wonder people are getting fat

    When I moved to Florida I learned you have to be in shape to live here! There are walks in the morning, bike rides in the afternoons, tennis, swimming, it never stops. Most people are thin here, at least in the area I live.
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    am I the only one who likes not having crowds

    The little of the Open that I've watched this tournament, I haven't liked it. I wish the crowds were there.
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    You are what you eat!

    I'm eating a lot of grass fed hamburger this week. I have few complaints.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Dream Wife with Cary Grant. It was Ok, a cute comedy.
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    What book are you reading?

    Fascinating book, one that potentially could revolutionize type 2 diabetes and Alzheimers treatments. The Chelation Revolution: Breakthrough Detox Therapy, with a Foreword by Tammy Born Huizenga, D.O., Founder of the Born Clinic...
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    Keto Curious

    Something else I can mention, as in my original post I only told half the story of what I'm doing to lose weight, I'm also following the ideas mentioned in Dr. Robert Thompson's book "The Calcium Lie" Basically I stopped eating all dairy products. I also don't take a calcium tablet. Instead i...
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    Keto Curious

    I'm another 50 year old looking to lose weight. I've lost about 15 to 20lbs so far doing fasting here of late. The weight lose so far has been sticking too. At least recently I've cut back on fasting days and the weight loss has stayed off. I haven't done a keto diet myself. I was...
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    Electric lawn mowers are really nice

    Negative. There is a grounds keeper I know that I worry about. He likes his yard tools excessively.
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    Electric lawn mowers are really nice

    I'm using my companion electric leaf blower today. Lovely. The garage is looking fabulous. Inspection comes tonight.
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    Laser pointers?

    I have a red one. It's wonderful for playing with the cats. It's addictive for the kitties, they can never get enough of the red dot, though I do feel a little guilty that they can never catch it. Such a light might come in handy to distract a mountain lion if one comes to inspect your camp.
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    What can cause people to faint?

    In the military sometimes people faint due to wearing wool warm outfits. I've seen mention that when that happens, when feeling lightheaded, one is to faint to attention. Here's a video on it.
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    Call it quits - only 40 and sore from playing

    You had a good run! :giggle: Tennis is tough on the joints, and it doesn't get any easier the older I've become. Playing doubles might be a choice. Some of the vegetable sports, squash, pickle ball, seem easier on the body and popular around here I've noticed. I had a chuckle the...