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  • Hello. It's LeRoy again. I'm having trouble finding the Duel G 330's you speak of. What is the headsize and maybe some other specs please. Also, Is there any way you could include a link to a video or review of this racket? I'm excited at the prospect of owning one of these. Best & regards, LeRoy Lee
    Were you able to sell your Pacific 90's? If not, I'm interested in purchasing them. Also, I have a HEAD Youtek Mid if you're interested in factoring in a trade. If available, please drop me a line at dean@XDLfilms.com

    Thank you,

    ~ Dean
    Hey, sorry just saw your post. Unfortunately someone contacted me and purchased the rackets on Friday before your message. So they have already been sold. Sorry
    my response to your thread is waiting to be approved by moderators but if I could get a few pics of the POG mid tours you have that would be awesome.

    I will most likely scoop these up off of you if they are still available
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