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    Emma Raducanu News

    She's a teenager still; the next few months are relatively meaningless to her overall development and career.
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    Simona Halep gets married

    Please post the most flattering photo of yourself.
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    What book are you reading?

    The Glass Room by Simon Mawer. Previous to this, I read his novel Prague Spring. Both are exceptional.
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    Coach Aggressively Accusing Player Of Giving Lessons..

    Agreed. Perhaps the mods can set up an additional forum and call it something like "Someone was mean to me and I am an innocent victim".
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    Manners on the Court

    If it were me who was the leastest on court, I would refrain from making any partner suggestions until I was the mostest.
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    Biking anyone?

    No matter how many centuries I've done, each new one is an achievement. Best of luck. If you want any insights/tips, send me a PM.
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    Biking anyone?

    And just what and when is the "big day"? I presume it's a century, but tell us more.
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    Biking anyone?

    Although it may seem counter-intuitive, riding at very high PSI does not reduce rolling resistance; in fact, in may increase rolling resistance due to road chatter and other factors. You can find vids on youtube demonstrating this.
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    Biking anyone?

    OP (FFW)--you will not sustain any significant pressure loss in a century ride, presuming you finish in the same day (kidding). I've used tubeless 28s for the past couple of years now (I ride 8000-10000 miles per year) with great success, so much so that I would never go back to using tubes...
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    Bag Recommendations

    Not sure, b/c I never had the Nike bag. I've had many other bags though, from the typical cumbersome duffle-multi-racket type to the backpack without pockets type and the Geau bag beats them all, IMO. It has easy to use outside pockets and enough room in the central compartment to hold a few...
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    Bag Recommendations

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    Bag Recommendations

    Have you checked out the Geau bag?
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    Question about US OPEN

    I've been to the USO at least 15x and never tire of it. Somewhere along the way though, I gave up on the notion of getting a good view of the night matches on the stadium, for the reason already mentioned here. I've had seats everywhere from a lux box (located next to the ESPN box) to...
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    Please critique my strokes in this video..

    Hey--I wasn't trying to be a smart a** re: Your forehand, it's simply that I have no expertise with the manner (is that called the Hawaiian grip, and do you contact the ball with the same side of the string bed as you do on your bh?) in which you hit it. I certainly don't think your fh is "bad"...
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    Please critique my strokes in this video..

    You over rotate on both your slice and topspin BH. Try to stay side-on longer, and allow your right, ie hitting, hand to extend behind the ball until your reach terminates. On the topspin bh, try to get lower, ie under the ball more, and use your legs more. I am not qualified, despite many...