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    Hitting with a pro or hitting ball machine/

    The perfect recipe for becoming a 3.5 for life. (not that there's anything wrong with that).
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    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    I play at a private club, although anyone can join (ie we don't have initiation fees or do you have to know and be recommended by an existing member). A few times I've arrived at the club, usually mid-day, for my reserved court time only to be told by the nice person at the desk that the...
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    Is This A Violation Of Wardlaw Directionals?

    May I quote you on this to the 3.5 (mostly doubles) players I coach? They seem to think there is a cosmic law against hitting xc more than twice; after that, they are required to hit any shot that makes it more difficult for them to win the point than their opponent(s). Drives me nuts, but I...
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    Biking anyone?

    This is somewhat complicated and is certainly idiosyncratic. Cadence is a bit like the way a person runs--some people are naturally smooth and efficient runners, some not so much and it's tough to change this. RE: cycling cadence, some riders are natuarally "grinders" (80-85 rpm) and some are...
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    Do you enjoy playing against a pusher/junkballer who is better than you?

    Completely agree. I play so I can hit the ball, and so-called pushers (or "pace-free players") give me ample opportunity to do that. I really dislike the ball-bashers who try to hit a winner on every shot.
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    Question on tennis teaching pro income

    I've worked at several clubs and camps over the years, but never under the pay structure at Suresh's club. I have to agree with the coaches on this. ie giving 30% of on-court income to the DT is deal breaker. I don't see how the coaches could earn a decent income under a scheme in which they...
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    Your biggest financial mistakes?

    You did not "invest". You gambled. Big difference.
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    Anyone have any tangible advice or specific triggers to work on loosening their grip on both the serve and forehand?

    Presuming you are a right handed player: As you recover from each stroke, move the racket to your left hand (ie ready position) and completely relax, even flex, the fingers of of your right hand. Use your left hand to position the racket for the next stroke before you apply any tension with...
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    Radical Team Building

    You've watched the PBS doc on Hemingway many times, haven't you?
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    Radical Team Building

    As a teaching pro and mid-to-declining 4.5 player, this would be the pinnacle of my career. Sigh...
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    Red squirrels > grey squirrels.

    Upstate SC. Also, there are significant white squirrel populations in neighboring NC
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    Red squirrels > grey squirrels.

    Where I live, we also have white squirrels. Care to expand your comment?
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    My Wife's UTR is Plummeting!

    Likewise. My wife hasn't played a match for over a week and she tells me her UTR falls by a tenth of a point daily.
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    My Wife's UTR is Plummeting!

    The plummet continues, unabated! My wife's UTR has made a precipitous drop--now at 2.8, leading to unmitigated angst, existential dread and me packing my bags (as a tennis coach, there's only so much I can take). I've threatened to make her play in a 9.0 mixed league with me as her partner...