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    Tennis Warehouse: Kirschbaum Xplosive Speed playtest!!

    Tension used for the play test: 50-lbs Regular string set up: Multi mains, poly crosses at 50-55-lbs Racquet used for playtest: Head Microgel Prestige Pro Control/Power of test string: Power of this string was too much for me as I had struggled with control on the flat shots which are my...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Kirschbaum Xplosive Speed playtest!!

    Can this be strung hybrid or does it have to be a full stringbed?
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    Tennis Warehouse: Tourna co-polyester PLAYTEST!

    What string did you receive? Tourna Deuce Tension(s) used for playtest: 50# Regular string set up: Multi mains and poly crosses around 50# Racquet used for test: Head Microgel Prestige Pro MP Power/Control of test string: It is definitely has more power than an average co-poly. Power is...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Strike 100

    Sting and tension used for test: Babolat Excel 17g at 55lbs mains, RPM Blast Rough at 50lbs Tennis experience/background: USTA +/-4.0. Play at least once per week. Describe your playing style: Baseliner when playing singles and attacking the net when playing doubles. How many hours did you...
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    Overgrip for sweaty hands

    I tied Luxilon Dry, Solinco Heaven and Tourna Grip. Luxilon and Tourna get shredded no mater what side I use when playing a set of doubles... Solinco gets soaked and gets slippery. A wrist sweat band keeps sweat out about 50% lower then without the band...
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    Radical Tour 630 Zebra-Gut/Poly hybrid

    Yeah once you tried gut mains/poly crosses hybrid it is really hard to go to some other string combo afterwards...
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    My Insomnia has reached a new level !!!! HELP !

    Ever since I got a memory foam mattress I never complained about sleep at all. CBD oil might help sleeping if you live where it is legal. Group coupon site has good deals on that oil and memory foam mattresses for that matter.
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    Andre Agassi former equipment

    1998 RG he used a POG OS with a head stensil?
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    Wanted 2x Yonex Ai 98

    I have on in 4-3/8 or L3 grip size ;)
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    I hate weaving...

    The more you do it, the faster you get, the more you will like it. It was like that for me anyways :)
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    Verdasco with Radical OS

    I am not convinced that is the OS...kinda looks like an MP though.
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    Verdasco with Radical OS

    That would be cool if he switches to it :) Radical Tour users will celebrate :)
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    Need help with Russian made racquet

    Sorry for the thread resurrection but Zdes' v Amerike ochen' mnogo russko govoryashih :) Also I used to play with the russian wood racquet then a russian version of the Prince Pro called Libid' if I remember correctly. The Libid' would warp like crazy if left in the sunshine outside LOL
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    Which modern racquets do you think will be future classics down the road?

    Whenever they decide to rename that tech to something else ;)
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    Which modern racquets do you think will be future classics down the road?

    Wilson Ultra Tour ProKennex Redondo Head Prestige line before the graphene stuff...