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    Murray vs Fognini verbal exchange

    It was fairly normal. I was waiting for something interesting to happen during handshake bc of the earlier drama, but, alas, nothing interesting...
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    Sales Tax on clothes & shoes shipped to PA ?

    Why is PA getting this special treatment? I was surprised as well to see the sales tax that I wasn't used to seeing on a recent order!
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    Fred and Ralph further separating themselves from ATG pack with another Laver Cup win.

    Yes, I wonder what a guy named Jack Sock might like for a gift...?
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    Should the Mains be tighter or Crosses?

    I've tried all ways and still not sure what I like. What bothered me most when crosses were even tension was the shortening of the racquet. Especially, in my wilson ultras. The crosses have all the friction from the mains, which tightens the mains more as well, to go through so I figure by going...
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    Longer grip handles on extended racquets?

    I bought this racquet partly because of the claimed longer grip. In fact, the grip is shorter than the gravity grip and not ideal for my two hander. However, I liked the racquet so much I'm still using it! But I wouldn't buy it based on having enough room for two large hands. Maybe it's a...
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    Potential new racquet manufacturing tech

    Let's get the grommets and bumper guards going for the ps85 first...then let's 3D print some racquets..probably more money in the former!
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    Wilson QC Improving?!

    I used to think so as well with my experiences with the RF97A and prostaff 95s. However, my blade experience has me wondering is it coincidence, wilson effort, or a blade line thing...?
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    Wilson QC Improving?!

    Is anyone else having similar results recently?
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    Wilson QC Improving?!

    Yes, Go Fed, Dimitrov, or Monfils!
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    Wilson QC Improving?!

    I am asking this question because I am pleasantly surprised by the two blades I ordered. I was just too lazy to ask for racquet matching service after i decided i needed another blade 16x19 bc I would of had to break down my first blade to give TW the specs.Soooooo, I didn't. Just put a TW...
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    ESPN gives Kyrgios way too much attention

    I thought they did a good job of showcasing men's doubles and the Wawrinka match back and forth.
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    New blade grommets compatible with old?

    Thanks @esgee48. So, that is either the 2015 version and or the CV version?
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    New blade grommets compatible with old?

    Maybe this is a stupid question because no one has replied?
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    Nothing vicious about Kick Vicious!

    Great buyer! No stress negotiations and fast payment. Thanks @KickVicious
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    TW Reviewers - Gravity Pro vs Blade v7 18x20

    The blade had better plow through and a slight edge in power. Sweet spot goes to Gpro but only slightly. Feel is great on both. Blade just seems to work out with my attacking game.