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    How to save tennis

    Let's stop trying to "save" tennis....It bothers me that we are trying to change games like baseball and tennis to appeal to a younger generation. F. them. They can watch guys play video games and call them athletes for all I care. Tennis is not going to "go away." Change the games to try and...
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    Dunlop Silk Spin formerly Hexy Fibre

    I was wondering if this is a string you could stock? There aren't many shaped multifilament strings and this is a favorite of many of my customers. I HATE to use your competition because I think you guys are far superior. But...I need this string. You used to carry it under the old name. Thanks!
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    Better pictures of string patterns/density

    Both are good ideas!
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    Better pictures of string patterns/density

    Thanks! This sort of image is kind of visible when TW reviews a racquet in the beginning of the video. Just looking for a standard pic of a strung racquet face.
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    Better pictures of string patterns/density

    I do mean the image on the frames page. I could do all of those things to see the string density or TW could start taking 1 picture the same way everytime they post a new frames image and we could all have that information at a glance. Leaving much more time in the day for playing tennis and...
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    Better pictures of string patterns/density

    The strings disappear where the stencil appears to be.
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    Balance Board

    I ordered one from TWE and it arrived promptly. This was last year but the price wasn't that much different...
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    Better pictures of string patterns/density

    Would it be possible to include a picture of a strung racquet amongst all the other views you show? This would help me see string density and 3 or 4 mains in throat. The current picture format makes the strings disappear in the view where you can actually see the strung racquet.
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    2019 Roland Garros R4: [10] Karen Khachanov (RUS) vs [8] Juan Martín del Potro (ARG)

    I think Thiem beats the winner regardless but I think Karen would have more left in the "tank" for him..
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Strike 100

    Maybe this racquet has within the elusive graviton which pulls all balls to the sweet spot! Anyway, I'm curious if the racquet PJ looks as busy in person and it's power vs control for the low 50s poly users out there!
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    Do you have extra bumper and grommets for your frames?

    To answer the OP, yes, I usually buy 6 bumper/ grommet knits when I live a racquet. It's good to have them to offer when it's time to sell anyway! Additionally, I am hoping 3D printing will help with grommets for my's to hoping!
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    Pure strike

    I've been dying to try this racquet as well. I love the babolat grip shape and played with the first pure strike. I'm trying to get on this playtest, too!
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    Why is Kyrgios mad?

    He was defaulted but was also complaining about something and pointing to stands I was wondering if anyone heard what his complaint(s) were.
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    Why is Kyrgios mad?

    Incase you didn't watch it was pretty entertaining even when he threw the chair and kicked water bottles!