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    Tennis Warehouse: Babolat POP (wristband sensor) Playtest!!

    Only on reselling sites. It's a shame because I think the POP is a fun/helpful tool. I think it could have done well if they had packaged or marketed it better? For example, sell it with a wristband with a built-in slot. I always just slip mine underneath my wristband instead of using the strap...
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    Former College Players at W&S Open

    Yea for sure, but feel for Mackie though. Hopefully his injury was not too serious.
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    NeuroTennis Anyone know what exactly it's supposed to do or how it works? Does it provide any statistics or is it just "virtual coaching"?
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    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    FYI, TW is running the Triax Happy Hour promo again today, $7/set (limit of 2).
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    Similar string to BHB7 17

    Silver 7 Tour is great, but I'd say it's stiffer than BHB7. OP, try Tier One Black Knight or Solinco Confidential.
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    Isospeed Grey Fire Official Thread.

    I wouldn't say that. The Grey Fire is less shiny/silver in person and plays a little less lively. BHS7T is also shaped.
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    The key to a good serve

    Have you seen video of Dr. Kim's serve: (I don't want to be too hard on him, because I do actually find his videos interesting)
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    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    TW Review is up:
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    The Most Exhausting Opponent to Play Against

    I think some of TennisTroll's videos have been posted here before. I found this one pretty interesting. From the video's caption:
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Also have Black Knight 16G
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Have: - Tecnifibre Ice Code 17 (from reel) - Solinco Confidential (from reel) - Isospeed Cream 17 Looking For: - Volkl Cyclone Tour 16G in Grey - ALU Power
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    Received mine last week and tend to agree with all of the above. I'm not sure what the final retail price is going to be (I assume around $500?). At that price, I think it's still a good value, especially for High School teams, private coaches, etc. At the Kickstarter price, it's a steal.
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    Yes, I'm supposed to receive mine Tuesday. I'm backer 60.
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    Slinger tennis ball machine

    In their latest update, they delivered the first couple bags and released the following delivery timetables. Week Commencing Feb 17 - North America shipments will leave from our South Carolina and California logistics centres to ship to backers. Week commencing March 9 - EU (UK included), East...