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    Important dates in the timeline of the "slam race" over the years

    This period will on reflection probably decide the GOAT/BOAT debate. But for the sake of three final sets at Wimby 08, Aussie 09 and US 09, Fed would have won the CYGS, and SEVEN slams in a row. He’d also be five slams ahead of Rafa now and would be further ahead of Nole in the weeks at no1 list.
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    Nadal trolled Djokovic

    Reminds me of this.
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    Only negative for Thiem

    Celebrating like he had won the tournament at the end. Chances are he’ll be playing Novak again on Sunday
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    For me, Fed has surpassed Jordan, Brady and Gretzky The Don.
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    Thiem has not made it past QF in a non clay event whole year

    I actually want to watch that match.
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    Denis Shapovalov gives umpire black eye

    I watched it live. Shapovalov was incredibly unfortunate. Some of the comments on this thread regarding punishments are absolutely ludicrous. Countless thousands of tennis players have thrown racquets or rage hit balls with little to no sanction. This incident should be a catalyst for a...
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    WTF London 2016 RR - Imazing Djokovic vs. Der Thiem Methode

    Thiem's game is too technically erratic. He often doesn't prepare for shots with the adequate footwork and his forehand can get whippy, and he seems to come off it sometimes by lifting his head prior to the strike. None of these faults are dramatic, he wouldn't be a top pro if they were; but...
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    Was Federer playing injured in this match?

    Clearly Federer was ailing. As the highlights show, he wasn't committing himself to sudden changes of direction. Rafa was playing very nicely indeed though, so even a fit Fed may not have won the match. As an aside, how much better does his forehand look with the Tour 90!
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    Murray an ATG

    I have always been a huge supporter of Murray's, but he lost too many times for too many years against his rivals in the slams to be considered an all time great. Incredible player though.
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    Is Federer making the right choice?

    Definitely. Hopman Cup guarentees a lot of reletively stress free match play, while Brisbane is mich more treacherous. Points will mean virtually nothing to him these days. He's still playing for one more Wimby/US Open.
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    Best Tennis Channel Commentators

    Very much enjoyed Andy Roddick commentating on the BBC at last year's Wimbledon.