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    First string job with Klippermate _Blocked hole!!

    I don't know why 7h wouldn't be the main tie offs and 5h for the starting know for a 2 piece like this. Wilson makes too many different model variations than they can manage, if they can't even make sensible string patterns for all of them.
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    Pure Aero VS stars and stripes is here!

    It looks like every has can be said has been said about the pj haha. I'll start off with saying i played with the pure storm more than the aerostorm but the pure aero vs is easily my favorite babolat ive used in recent memory (when i first started playing tournaments at age 9 i used a zylon...
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    Head prestige Mid?

    It'll be easiest to find the youtek/ig prestige mids if you want to get new stocks for a reasonable price. Ive seen a handful of people do who want the mid size but still a current prestige is weight up the rev pro to the same weight and balance. Keep in mind the rev pro is a 16x19 string...
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    How to get a tighter string job

    Yeah, I have a hard time thinking of the perfect midsize racquet for this situation. The closest that comes to mind is the graphene prestige rev pro because it's 93 sq in and 10.6 oz. The main drawback is that prestiges are soft in general, although the graphene series feels a bit stiffer than...
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    Help me like tight string patterns!

    What racket is it?
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    How to get a tighter string job

    Maybe you should just switch to a racquet with a tighter string pattern and smaller headsize if you really need more stringbed stiffness. Have you had any problems with the kevlar breaking the grommets/frame at those tensions?
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    Head Velocity. wow. .was that a multi, or rpm blast??

    I found it lasted pretty long for me on a prestige mid. It's definitely a comfortable string, but there's not much feel. Also spin potential is still nowhere near any poly. I might try a thinner gauge some time.
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    How poorly made are Wilson Racquets?

    On another note, current prince and wilson racquets (mostly the prostaff line) seem to have the worst paint jobs. They're always chipping at the bottom shoulder grommets when I pull tension. I don't see this happen with any other new racquets from other brands.
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    Most powerful 18x20 racquets?

    I found that the speed pro had a bit more power than the tour 100p. If it doesn't have to be current, the older head instinct was probably one of the stiffer rackets that was 18/20. Maybe the Wilson pro tour as well?
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    Wilson Burn FST 95 Review and Pics

    This racquet felt like a more accessible blade 93. Groundstrokes felt clean with sensation strung at 55 lbs. My main gripe was how "oval-y" the grip was, even at the bottom of the grip. I wonder if it was just a bad factory grip job.
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    O3 speed port red

    I might be reading wrong, but the prince instructions say to double pull the last two crosses only if you don't have a brake.
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    Some questions about the "Yonex Loop."

    Is this the same as the box pattern that some prince and ektelon rackets use?
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    Prestige Mid Poly Recommendations?

    poly tour spin g plays really nice in a tight string pattern.
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    Alternative to Technifibre NRG2 17g

    I found that velocity has nearly the same comfort as nrg, but not nearly any of the same power.
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    1HBH GOAT list

    Reminds me why Tsonga hasn't won more bigger tournaments. He seemed unbeatable at the Canadian Masters last year, but I haven't really seen him perform like that in a while.