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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Yeah, but I cannot play regularly currently... I usually play once a month at most recently, so my game is falling apart.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Played a match over the weekend and it was seriously frustrating to be so out of shape that I couldn't play tennis as I want. Constantly late due to slow footwork and timing in general was an issue. Couldn't get my body into my shots and quickly tired out and cramped up. My studies really...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Appreciate or not appreciate is one thing, I think it’s best for non strong breakers cause of the comfort and tension maintenance.
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    Those top juniors sure do crush the ball don't they

    Timing leading to ideal contact point for a combination of spin and velocity, and footwork leading to good weight transfer into the shot. A lot of work goes into cementing the contact point and making the preparation before the shot automatic.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    If you have the money use some natural gut.
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    The concept of "control"

    Control is control and there is a loss of information when trying to redefine it in other terms.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Probably using a more rigid poly would help. Otherwise raising the tension a bit will also help.
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    Pepe Imaz: "Novak Djokovic's priority now is his well being"

    Has a lot to do with us not having the ridiculous late night TV culture the US has. Thank God for that
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    Why did Nadal fail in Monte Carlo?

    He played a really bad match for whatever reason. Whether it’s a trend or an outlier is something that will show in the following tournaments. Until then, congrats to the Fog, and time will tell what comes!
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    Pepe Imaz: "Novak Djokovic's priority now is his well being"

    Compared to Trump a boiled potato is bright. I’m more surprised by him occasionally making sense than unconsciously contradicting himself. I’m not even sure how much of a liar he is anymore, I wouldn’t be surprised if he believes most of the contradictory remarks he utters.
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    I didn’t watch the Fabo v Nadal match, what happened?

    Just checked the scores and I’m looking for my eyeballs, they left the eye sockets involuntarily from shock! Figuratives aside, crazy! The last thing I was expecting was Fog to bear Rafa in MC!
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    Struff with Head

    It’s that hideous neon yellow making the frame look twice as large as it is lol
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    If you thought you were a racketaholic..

    LOL. I knew tennis players sometimes have an unhealthy obsession with the smell of a newly opened can of balls, but this is next level. Used tennis racquets? God knows what the previous users did with them lmao
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    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    Another thing particular to clay: bounces are less consistent, and aggressive early strikers find it much harder to play their game. One of the core drills I used to do on clay was to be forced not to be set up for the shot too early, so that I could react to the bounce. This means standing...
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    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    @moon shot as to what Shap does that results in this: first is his aggressive play style. He really goes for his shots, from all areas of the court. This leads to increased shanks when he’s on the defensive and pressed for time in particular. Second I’d wager that he has a smaller zone of good...