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    Klip Lightening 16g

    This hybrid package of natural gut and a multi synthetic has slightly thinner guage for the synthetic crosses: Gauge: 16g. (1.30mm) natural gut mains with 16g. (1.29mm) multifilament synthetic gut crosses Length: Mains: 21 feet / Crosses 20 feet In stringing this, would you need to...
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    2 piece tie off

    I'm not the most experienced stringer on this board. Quite the contrary. I've only strung maybe 4 or 5 of my own racquets and I've only done two piece stringing, but it has been my experience that the stringing instructions/patterns for racquets are different for one piece and two piece...
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    Laserfibre and Stringway

    Are the Laserfibre and Stringway products the same? Especially are the Laserfibre floating clamps the same as Stringway floating clamps? Anybody know?
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    Laserfibre Floating Clamps Vs Sp Clamps

    Laserfibre clamps same as Swingway clamps? Since, I've heard so much good about these clamps, I called this number to order two of them. I got no answer but left a voice mail early in the week. So far, no one has called me back. Out of frustration I went to the Stringway web site, and...
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    Ag 607 Electronic Table Model (607)

    Anybody know anything about this machine, or the AG machines in general? I've seen this one - AG 607 ELECTRONIC TABLE MODEL (607) for sale for $799.
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    Cheap Stringers

    I just strung my fourth or fifth racquet on my Gamma x-2. This after a couple of trial runs on an old racquet with some cheap string. Once I ruined an expensive string because I missed a wrong hole and couldn't recoup the string job. But that was my fault due to my learning curve, not the...
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    McEnroe on Gilbert...

    It's not only endorsement money that swamps tournament prize money for player/celebs like Mac, but its also the guaranteed appearance fees paid to player/celebs like him. Money paid just for showing up on the court at a tournament - win or lose. From what I have read, just about all the...
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    NXT vs NXT max vs TNT fat core

    I think you are right. The fat core is playing better now that I have more playing time on it. Must have needed a break in period. I've been hitting some wicked service returns and some nice backhand and forehand dippers just over the net. Tough for an opponent to volley those back.
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    what to buy

    I have a Gamma x-2 drop weight - cost, about $135. Once I got the hang of it, it is very easy to string a racquet with it, and I found it is accurate, with the resulting string job at least as good as the best ones that I have paid for at a good pro shop. Of course, stringing with a drop...
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    Tennis Stringing Lever

    This should be a candidate for the great post of the year. This makes me appreciate even more my simple Gamma x-2 drop weight.
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    NXT vs NXT max vs TNT fat core

    Update OK, I've continued to use these two Prostaff Surge racquets, one strung with the TNT fat core and the one strung with the NXT max. After my experience with the close loss to the pusher I inspected both racquets. Nothing obvisously wrong with the string jobs. The bad experience with...
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    NXT vs NXT max vs TNT fat core

    Yeah, I think the NXT max in 17 g might be a very good one to use. 18 g may be just too thin. Does anyone know the difference between the NXT and NXT max, besides the price I mean? Like what is the physical difference? More fibres in the max? A coating on it? Or are they just completely...
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    NXT vs NXT max vs TNT fat core

    Thanks for the imput. I played last night against a pusher. He was incredibly fit, did not hit with much pace, but got to almost everything I threw at him. After losing the first set 5-7 using the racquet with the TNT fat core I noticed that the strings did not feel quite right. They seemed...
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    NXT vs NXT max vs TNT fat core

    I've been playing with Gamma TNT fat core that I got free with my Gamma X-2 stringer. It works well enough, but playing against a heavy hitter the other night, my wrist began to feel the strain. I switched to my other racquet (identical to the one I was using - a Prostaff Surge mid) strung...
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    ATS Super Stringer II on e Bay

    I got 6 packages of TNT fat core 16g with my Gamma x-3. I've used two packages so far. Pretty good string. Think they retail for $13 a package via internet or telephone order. I admit the other packages of "free" string I got weren't worth much. But they were fine for "practicing" my first...