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    Zverev 0-10

    I would go that far.
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    Sleeveless muscle shirts just look …unprofessional to me in a tennis tournament.

    Yes, because a completely unknown club has more "dignity and class" than all the four Grand Slams. All the Grand Slams allow players to play sleeveless. Even at Wimbledon, the Holy Grail of class and elegance, players are allowed to wear a sleeveless T-shirt. Tennis players are performing a...
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    Better chance against Nadal in the final?

    I mean at the moment, not historically.
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    Better chance against Nadal in the final?

    Tsitsipas is destroying Zverev so my comment makes 100% sense. Tsitsipas >>>>> Zverev on clay.
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    Better chance against Nadal in the final?

    Tsitsipas is clearly a tougher matchup on clay. In Barcelona Tsitsipas represented a touguer matchup for Nadal than Zvevev did in Rome Madrid doesn't play like RG at all.
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    No one is talking about Zverev

    I doubt it. Tsitsipas in Barcelona represented a tougher matchup for Nadal than Zverev in Rome. Not to mention, Tsitsipas (#1 in the race) is in better form than Zverev.
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    Know of a 160K city with a public/private indoor/outdoor facility

    Paris or New York? Which city is better?
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    History on Nadal's side?

    You are right.
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    History on Nadal's side?

    Tsitsipas made Nadal suffer in Montecarlo, while Zverev lost in straigth sets in Rome. Tsitsipas has had a superior season (leads the year race) and is in better form. There is literally nothing Zverev can do to damage Nadal in the PC. If Nadal were to face Zverev in a RG final, the Spaniard...
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    How would todays Nadal go against his younger self on clay?

    Untestable, hence unacceptable.
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    Why Federer was not as dominant at Wimbledon than Nadal at Roland Garros ?

    Nadal did not allow Federer and Djokovic to become ATGs on clay. It is unfair to dismiss Federer and Djokovic as claycourters to attempt to make Nadal's competition look worse. Federer and Djokovic would each have won 5+ RG titles without Rafa. Federer did not stop Nadal and Djokovic in...
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    GOAT debate ends on Friday

    Clay is a valid surface, all Slams are equally valid in the GOAT debate.
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    GOAT debate ends on Friday

    I agree with you. You can't be considered the GOAT if you have less Slams than your rivals.
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    GOAT debate ends on Friday

    The number of Slams is the most relevant all-time great criterion (with other criteria being tie-breakers in case two players are tied in Slams). You mention Djokovic's tie-breakers (weeks as #1, YE #1, ATP finals), but you strategically forgot to mention Nadal's tiebreakers (Olympics, H2H in...