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    Battle in The ATL - MEP vs Travler Match Thread

    The ball dies more quickly (lower bounce on drop shots). Low traction means you can't take off as quickly. And players tend to stay farther back in the court.
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    Aim higher!

    Wow your simple question really highlights the limitations of this message board! I don't envy your task of wading through the contradictory responses. The simple answer is that you have to control swing path and racket angle to make the ball do what you want. If you change one and not the...
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    First UTR tournament - totally called it

    My understanding is that yes, it will hurt theirs (at first) but not as much as it'll help yours, as their verified carries more weight than your projected. Also, in time assuming you move up, the impact will change. Say you win in a close match, 6-4 6-3. Their rating immediately drops to 4.3...
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    First UTR tournament - totally called it

    Yeah it's tough. I took the first set 6-4, and after the set he wanted a bathroom break and to go get a band-aid. Can't help but feel some concern for the little guy. Then he comes back and bagels me in the 2nd! :-D He turned it up and I lost focus, and that was that.
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    First UTR tournament - totally called it

    Mine was a "compass draw," where everyone gets 3 matches. You start in "East," which is like a regular bracket. If you lose the 1st round (like me!) you go to "West," which is the drop bracket in a double elimination tourny. If you lose the 2nd round you go to "North" or "South," depending on...
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    The 3 relationship secrets that woman do not want men to know but modern men are doing the same thing to now! LOL!

    Experience? I'll buy that. Wisdom? hmmm.... you sound like the cowboy Tom T. Hall sang about
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    The Official Lead Tape Placement+Racket Customization Thread

    Impact shock/vibration will hurt the wrist and elbow, not the shoulder. There's a separate issue going on there.
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    ET Ian vs TT MEP

    Agreed. I had issues with overhead throws as a junior, preferring to side-arm throw a baseball and football as that felt more natural (like a forehand). I hurt my shoulder serving with poor form enough that I devolved to serving with a high forehand in one tournament. I didn't learn proper...
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    Customized extension lead to huge weight gain

    FYI 1 inch = 2.54 cm
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    First UTR tournament - totally called it

    When it was over I asked how old he was. "12, but I'm almost 13." :-D:-D
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I play it until it breaks, except if I'm entering a tournament as with new strings I don't have to worry about breakage.
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    First UTR tournament - totally called it

    Played my first UTR tournament, also my first tourny in 4 years. When I signed up I said I'd probably get whooped by a 12 year old kid. Some times I hate it when I'm right lol. It was fun. Didn't play as well as I wanted but about as expected given that I haven't been able to practice much at...
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    How to mentally prepare for an annoying opponent

    How quick is his service motion? Wait until he's done bouncing to crouch. Shouldn't take that long to get ready to receive.
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    How to mentally prepare for an annoying opponent

    You write like Christopher Walken speaks.
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    I have this Junior

    Every player deals with feeling tight under pressure. At that point you have 2 choices: get even tighter and "push" your strokes, or open up with full swings to break through to the other side. It's a leap of faith and she doesn't know that she can choose to take it. Tell her it can be a...