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    Are you getting more colors of the ASICS GR 9s?

    One of the most quotable movies. Ever!
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    Are you getting more colors of the ASICS GR 9s?

    Choices are becoming very limited.
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    Any new colors coming out soon?
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    Any alternative to Asics Gel Reolution but lighter?

    From what I’ve read, the 2023 Barricades are much better than prior models; curious on these vs the GR9
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    Any alternative to Asics Gel Reolution but lighter?

    Does this apply to the 2023 Barricades? I am currently using the GR8s, and I love the stability but don’t necessarily love the weight - the Barricades are a little lighter, are they as stable?
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    5.5” for 2hbh just ain’t right for a tennis player

    Spreadsheet is awesome, and includes swing weight and twist weight.
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    Ability to Delete Thread

    Admins are too slow to respond to delete a thread, would it be possible to enable this for authors of a post?
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    My Arm’s Killin’ Me Smalls

    I don’t try to kill every ball, but as the plow through on the Vatic V7 wasn’t as good as my Selkirk Mach 6, I was swinging harder, and also added lead tape to try and make up what I was missing from my go-to paddle (the Selkirk). The handle also seemed thinner and I did play more than normal...
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    My Arm’s Killin’ Me Smalls

    Thank you for the information, I’m going to try the Flexbar, as well as continue with my other exercises.
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    My Arm’s Killin’ Me Smalls

    I strayed from my Selkirk Mach 6 (Amped v2), to a Ronbus R3.16 and the Vatic Pro V7 16mm, and my arm is KILLING me. It’s like going back in time when I dropped my string tension, changed to a multi in Technifibre X-1 Biphase for my the Babolat Aero Pro Drive tennis racquet. Im going back to the...
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    Who’s playing in Skechers?

    A friend of mine uses it for Pickleball and they’re already falling apart after a couple weeks of play.
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    XSPAK CRBN1 knockoff

    TripleB: the problem I had with the Crbn 1 was the handle shape, similar to when Head used to have the rectangular shape for the Radical and what I would call normal for the Speed lines (can’t stand the rectangular shape). Has this been ‘fixed’ with the new 1X line?
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro

    Is it as powerful as initial reviews say it is? If it had a longer handle and was 16.5” long, I would be even more intrigued, still…
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    Franklin Carbon STK 17mm

    A friend of mine loves her Selkirk PowerAir Invikta, but said the grit has worn off so much that she is looking for something else. I’ve tried the Ben Johns Joola and didn’t care for it.