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    Lucas Pouille to Babolat

    From Racquet Sports Industry June 2020 magazine, page 11, “World no. 57 Lucas Pouille of France has joined the Babolat Team and will play with the Pure Drive racquet.”
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    New Pro Staff?

    Which color scheme for the Pro Staff - red-and-white, or black-n-white, or ___?
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    Any insider news about PS97 2020?

    I like the black version as well, non-CV; also curious about the next version
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    Fit of Men’s Nike Winter Heritage Polo

    Just wondering if the new cotton/poly blend fits loose as stated for the summer all cotton version or different, thank you.
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    Asics Court FF Novak

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    Final PJ for Wilson Clash?

    The paint job is shown on pages 46-47 of the February 2019 tennis industry magazine edition
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    2019 Shoes

    Asics Court FF 2, or just another version endorsed by Djokovic? Link is here.
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    Asics Court FF Novak

    From the Twitterverse
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    what is the weight of the shoe?
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    Any racket which rivals pure aero in spin production .....

    Wilson Burn 100S CV
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    New Pro Staff 97 for 2019

    Are they going to offer a non-CV Pro Staff? I do not remotely like the CV version
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    I stand by the swoosh

    Nike sure didn't show one of the GOATs much love, so there is no loyalty from manufacturers either. I admit it's weird not seeing Fed in Nike clothes-
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    New Nike Tennis Prototype Shoe worn by Frances Tiafoe

    Per TW, mid-July:
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    Tecnifibre TFlash PS 300: GREAT racquet indeed. My review.

    What were your thoughts on grip size? I demo’d a 3/8 grip awhile ago and it felt larger than normal; Chris posts he uses a 1/4 grip.
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    Is Wilson Discontinuing the Pro Staff 97?

    Absolutely agreed