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    Happy 30th Anniversary!

    Loved the origins and behind-the-scenes video. TW has set the industry online retail standard, not just nationally, but globally. Nice job, eh
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    Give us YOUR thoughts!

    Similar to TW playtesters, do you have pages on each Pickleball playtester, with their level, preferred paddle(s), and preferred shoes?
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    paddles with thick core

    I’m tempted by this paddle - have you tried the Joola Ben John’s paddle?
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    Paddle with crisp feel

    I’ve tried a bunch, including Gearbox, and my current paddle is the Seikirk Vanguard 2.0 Mach 6 at exactly 8 oz.
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    Wilson hyper carbon surge 5.1 27.5 inch

    To me, the regular Surge was unstable, whereas the SurgeX felt stable and I was able to hit serves with decent power.
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    Wilson hyper carbon surge 5.1 27.5 inch

    it was excellent from the baseline - stock form - and shockingly good from the net. I miss this frame!
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    Wilson hyper carbon surge 5.1 27.5 inch

    This was the SurgeX, correct? My racquet of choice back in the day. Good stability, excellent on serves, as well as on volleys and half-volleys.
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    Diadem Warrior Paddle Review

    I currently use the Selkirk Mach 6 MW, and would like to see reviews on the Gearbox C11E, new Engage MX paddles, as well as hoping the new Selkirk Vanguard v.2 is out with a review soon.
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    Thought on the Gel Res 8……

    Just ordered a pair for alleged mid-March delivery; crossing fingers
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    What is your current paddle?

    I was thinking only in terms of paddle length, I learned something new.
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    What is your current paddle?

    It’s ok; I used the Tempest Wave Pro for awhile, then went to a paddle with a longer handle, which I like. Allegedly, my ideal paddle is 8” wide, 16.5-ish long, with a handle that is 5.5-6” long; in my mind anyway. The Gearbox is not that but I’m intrigued by their structure and larger, edge...
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    What is your current paddle?

    Nice! I currently use the Selkirk Mach 6, 8 oz, but started drooling when I read the specs for this paddle. Any issues with the grip size?
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    Uhhhh... Adidas Spring 2022

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    Error Page Displayed On TW Review Link on New Balance Fresh Foam Lav v2 Men’s Shoe

    Home page > Mens Shoes > New Balance > Lav > Click on one of the Lav v2 models > scroll down and click on the TW Reviews link Looks like that link has been corrected.