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    Big-3 year end finishes

    it would be hilarious if it remains like that.......wonder what all the rankings obsessed fans of bug-3 will say........
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    Does Nadal deserve his no2 position

    i am ok with any draw for nadal........
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    Karlovic Retirement

    there is no retirement for doctors......
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    Murray joins Novak in supporting switching slams to BO3

    make it best of 1 set with wimbledon final set format........i hope that satisfies all these women crying about best of 5........
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    List your best matches of 2020

    thiem - zverev us open final
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    Does Nadal deserve his no2 position

    who really cares? thiem can have that no.2 spot, i am ok to give it to him.........all nadal and his fans care about is grandslam victories at this point.........
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    Safin Rips Apart Rublev in SHOCKING Interview

    this overrated tartar should stop shouting on young rublev and instead direct his anger towards atp and itf for minimizing the chances of up and coming players........speed up the courts a little bit and you will see immediate results........we will see round 3 and round 4 losses for bug-3 at...
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    Which NextGen player will have the most success at Wimbledon?

    actually a very good thread, worth discussing........i will share my thoughts very soon........
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    Toni Nadal reflects on "painful" ATP Finals loss

    he is just p!ssed at missing the english cash, nothing to do with losing the exhibition level title........
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    Higher USO peak?

    fraud 2004 - 2006
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    How has Nadal passed Sampras?

    a more even spread across surfaces, something like below might have actually prompted a lot of posters to claim he is indeed better than sampras........evidently there is a downside to being unbelievably good on a single surface, will be branded a surface specialist no matter how many slams you...
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    johnny mac is actually very insightful if you ignore his nonsense sometimes, his problem is he runs with the flow at times and doesn't know where to stop........leif shiras from tennis channel is also a nice voice in the background to go with tennis........ funny accents rob koenig used to be...
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    Rafael Nadal :- The greatest tennis warrior of all time displaying his power

    who are you? what was your previous username?
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    What happened to Nadal's mental strength?

    rafa had no business allowing him into the set after leading 3-1, i don't think he would have blown it if it was 2012 or 2014........