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    FS: 2x Babolat Pure Storm Tour, 1x Wilson nCode 6.1 95 16x18

    Going off to college. Sadly, I won't be playing tennis as much. Decided to reduce the number of racquets I have down to one. Need the money too. (2) Babolat Pure Storm Tours 4-3/8 Grip Grips replaced and always used overgrips. One with MSV Hex (17g), the other with TF X-One Biphase(17g)...
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    The Official SW2 Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SW2 is back... again?
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    Iphone tennis game downloads

    Pong .
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    IPod Touch

    I remember amazon having great deals on 1st gen iTouch. You can Jailbreak but no speakers.
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    How much to charge for tutoring?

    That. Charge a premium. Charge less for family/friends.
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    TI-84 Plus Screen Cracked!

    You could try Office Depot. My math teacher always goes "$85!" when he hears a calculator drop. I'd just man up b/c my school is very serious about school supplies and if you don't pay they won't let you graduate. It's happened before.
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    Are you in TokyopunK's avatar?

    But the questions is, Who will he remove? DUN DUN DUN!
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    Who else is staying up to watch the AO Final

    im dead tired. let it start already.
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    First Wilson K Staff Available to Public Now For Sale

    Perfect Christmas present.
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    ***The Pure Storm Tour thread***

    Get a staple gun and staple hard or else it stick out.
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    Andy Roddick To New Friend Phil Mickelson: 'We're Just Like Roger Federer And Tiger"

    The Onion = funny stuff.
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    Beware: StealthGnome/Roger Lam

    Read this thread thoroughly for the complete story. Edit: Sorry, Silicone in the handle is not minor.
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    Being In Denial?

    LOL No one is answering his question. Keep both?
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    What can i write about?

    Technological advances in tennis racquets.
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    Tax question -- any accounts out there?

    I never knew taxes were so high.