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    Is there even a point of the French Open this year?

    Nadal is on a hot streak, and will probably destroy anyone in his way. Novak is not playing his best tennis, Thiem is not playing his best tennis and Roger, well lol, he is not even in the picture.
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    How much prize money is Nadal getting fit his Monte Carlo title?

    Sure monte Carlo pays a lot
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    Is the ending of Roland Garros going to be this?

    Fed to be polishing Nadal's ass
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    Roland Garros Postponed by 1 week

    How does Nadal feel about delaying his trophy presentation by a week?
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    How do you think Nadal feels about delaying his trophy presentation by a week?
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    The number of times Murray stopped a big-3 from winning a slam

    The number of times Millman has stopped the big 3 from winning a slam. Nadal -0 Fed- 1 Djoco - 0 What does this mean>
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    Most intelligent tennis player ever? (tennis wise)

    Who is/was the best at crafting points and implementing the right tactics.
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    Why Andy Murray failed to become an ATG

    If we take only Grass courts, He is a better player than Nadal
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    What does Djokovic need to do in order to become a legend?

    You're not a legend until you come on the court with a white military jacket.
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    American Men's Tennis

    Americans are good at sports nobody really plays
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    2021 Roland Garros might be postponed

    Are we just going to postpone everything, every time there is a new virus?
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    Vaccinated ATP players...

    These are all professional athletes, they will be fine from covid, don't really need to get vaccinated.
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    How do you classify Nadal's playing style on clay?

    Allah, Jesus, Shiva, Yahweh etc etc that's his playing style
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    Who would have won Wimbledon- 2018 if federer had closed out the match against Anderson.

    Federer had a fake injury, so Novak would have destroyed him.