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    Bag Recommendations

    I have one on order also and will report on it when it arrives (eventually)
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    I think we may have a bit of a wait
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    Raising stringing prices labor?

    I generally agree, but as a consumer, my perception (right or wrong) might be that a stringer with a Baiardo might be more more experienced/skilled than one with a Klippermate /Floating clamps and I might be more willing to pay more. Hence what the market may bear might be affected by equipment.
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    My order number is in the mid 500s, so it looks like I’ll have a bit of a wait.
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    Bad experience with RacketAid... anyone use them?

    It seems like he spends more time shooting videos than managing the shop
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    Label Maker

    I use the 1/2” and print 3 lines of text, (Date, String, Tension/Gauge)
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    Label Maker

    I use one of these
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    Tronex 5223 flush cutter

    I got a pair of the Tronex cutters. Are they an overkill? -Yes Do you need them? -No But they are sure nice and I don’t regret buying them. As it is, I probably couldn’t justify my Ghost 2 either, but it’s enjoyable to use.
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    Do you restring racquets you demo?

    It’s not OK for TW demo racquets From “We ask that you do not restring demo racquets for a variety of reasons including we like to keep our demos consistent with what string they have as well as liability...
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    Do you restring racquets you demo?

    I would probably only do it if I had permission from the retailer.
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    Weaving Crosses... What's your preference?

    For some racquets with tight spaces for cross tie offs, one way or the other determines whether the string you’re tying off to is above or below the crowding string. It makes it easier if its above as you can start the knot on the other side of the crowding string and just pop it back toward...
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    ParnellKnot Starting Clamp Review

    What’s the difference in function btw the Parnell block and pad? It looks like the block would provide more space between the frame and starting clamp, but when would you use one vs the other?
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    Starting mains for symmetrical string bed tension.

    The rubber bumpers on my ghost with the orientations have fallen off so many times, I‘m not sure what the original orientation was supposed to be.
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    Alpha Ghost 2 Stringing Machine

    Very true on my Ghost also.
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    Alpha Ghost 2 Stringing Machine

    The auto brake does help with O ports. It just means I need to hold the racquet in place for a second until it locks