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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    thats the KITH collab blade
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    Federer Laver Cup 2019 shoes up close

    I found a seller on Offerup selling these shoes for only $65. Never got a response :( Such a PITTTYYYYYY SO BEAUTIFUL
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    Federer ON Tennis Shoes Launching

    if anyone takes these babies on court, please make a review! im dying to try them out but i dont got the bank yet.
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    First string job took 3 hours! Yours?

    i took two days believe it or not. did mains at night and woke up to do crosses. prob warped that frame so bad
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    Roger Federer Wimbledon 2021

    NOooooooooooooo! I missed the socks again. Totally forgot
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    Time to update your racquet, Nadal!

    he isnt lefthanded
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    Should Feddy be penalized?

    everyone earns their spot. he put in the work, got the ranking, and was seeded. he can decide what he wants to do. there is no such thing as "deserving a spot" in pro tennis. you grind for what you are worth
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    Tennis Science Chat with Crawford & the Wolfeman Part 1: discussion of feel & touch when it comes to racquets & strings

    at a high level of tennis, feel is very important. by then your strokes are solid, and the way you place balls and have touch shots are through feeling the ball.
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    Wilson Eco-Friendly Rackets

    I literally spray painted my racket for 5$ and it looks the same
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    which shorts is FAA wearing here?

    $60 for shorts!!!!!
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    Rublev testing Head blackout

    he is a troll dont respond
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    Tsitsipas shoelaces?

    he has this guard on top if u look closely