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    Yonex R-22....Wow!!

    I was an RN. That was a frequent quote I used in the hospital.
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    I did have about 20 years worth of them, but threw them all out when we moved. Oh well. As for the Golden Ace, it has a 16 x 19 pattern, skip the 8th at the head and throat (not looking at it, but 99% sure as I used it for several years). The older, non boron face had a short side and a...
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    Stringing machine for high school cosch

    I'd go with a good crank machine too. As Esgee pointed out, very little maintenance. If you ever wanted to go electronic, there's always the Wise tension head. I love my Wise, but at 20 rackets/year, it's a bit of overkill. On the other hand, you may turn out to be the only stringer for...
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    Hybrid ideas??

    Try putting the TNT 2 in the mains. I think you'll get the power you're looking for.
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    Electronic stringing machine

    Personally, I wouldn't get the Gamma with the rotational gripper. If you go with Gamma, splurge and get the next model up. Or, look at TennisMan machines.
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    How much string should be cut from a 200 m string reel for a 97 sq in frame?

    I've strung these with 34' using an ATW pattern. I have an Alpha machine with a Wise tension head. If you're using a dropweight, you'll need more. I probably could have used 33 1/2', but didn't want to cut it that close. This was using a poly. If I had used Babolat Synthetic, I'm sure I...
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    Why does Babolat sell their racquets with…

    Shouldn't say this. There are too many people on these boards that will believe you.
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    Any good shoes under $75 any more?

    I liked how the old Prince T 22 (or the model before that) felt. Problem with Prince is that they were so heavy, and definitely not made as zero break-in shoes. Liked the wider forefoot, narrower heel though.
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    choosing a comfortable string that stays in place

    CX 200 OS is soft, a little bigger head size (105), and standard length--all things that would make it more comfortable on your arm.
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    Help - switching to lighter Racquet 290

    Never hit with the Blade 104. I don't think my arm would tolerate an extended length racket. I've hit with both Fischers though, if that's what you were asking. I added some lead at 3 & 9 on my UL version. It's a little stiffer than my SL models, and I can definitely tell the difference, but...
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    What does 'rev' mean?

    The REV probably stands for Revolutions, as in more spin.
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    Racquet advice - 3.5 level arm friendly + power

    Technifibre NRG2, Wilson NXT, Babolat XCel Premium, Yonex Rexis are good, but expensive. The next tier down in price, and just about as powerful are Babolat Addixion, Wilson Sensation, Technifibre MultiFeel, Alpha Sphere, Prince Premier, Gamma Revelation. I didn't mention Head strings because...
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    pro kennex 5G or 7G?

    The longer the racket, the more leverage the ball will put on your arm with contact. Think of the racket as a lever. If you want more leverage, you get a longer lever. That's why, in theory, a longer racket can give you more power and spin. You're getting more leverage when you hit the ball...
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    Tomic doing Tomic stuff

    You never know, he may have received more money by losing than he would have by winning. Just a guess.
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    Help! Need durable non poly string!

    Marathon feels a little stiffer, but I couldn't swear that it wasn't because it's thicker (1.35 vs 1.30). It has a hard coating on it also, so it slides a little better, so theoretically, it should get a little more spin. Couldn't really tell that for sure. Gamma TNT2 is available in 15L...