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    The Aeropro Drive Original turns 15 this year...would you now consider it a classic?

    Should be made of wood, steel or aluminum or fiberglass, or any combination of those materials.
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    NXT-like multi but cheaper?

    I think Genesis XPlosian plays pretty similar
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    What your racquet says about you

    My racket says to me, "You know the sweetspot is about 3 inches closer to the handle than where you are hitting me".
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    Stringing natural gut...

    I use a form of a deadman's knot. It's bulky and adds a string through the middle of the knot
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    Prince Woodie weight

    HEAVY--somewhere in the 14-15oz range
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    Natural gut maintenance

    Usually the strings lose oils as you string. This restores some of the oils, plus it gives the gut a brand new look, and usually takes out the clamp marks. Plus, this is how I was taught back in 1979.
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    Daniel Nestor sub 10 lbs

    I strung Solinco Tour Rev 18 at 30#. It felt good, but extremely quiet when you hit the ball. That's what I'll go back to when I start playing again.
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    Natural gut maintenance

    Before I ever play with it, I wipe the stringbed down with baby oil.
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    Aussie--the rackets would be illegal if that were true. You cannot have a sliding mass that moves with the swing. Write USRSA if you want confirmation, or even Pro Kennex.
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    How old does a frame have to be before it's considered "classic"

    It should be wood, or mostly wood, aluminum or steel. Possibly fiberglass or fiberglass with aluminum overlays.
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    Either VS Africord in red, or Victor Imperial
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    String change

    I'm with those who think she's too young to be using a poly--that is unless your objective is to get her out of tennis before she's 18.
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    Your greatest WORST string of all time is...

    VS Africord (a red natural gut) and/or Victor Imperial (a cream color with blue spiral stripes)
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    Racquets for the next decade!

    Tennis growth really isn't happening at the moment. Pickleball is the fastest growing racket sport.