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    WTB cheap stringing machine

    I have a Gamma X2 that is in great condition. It does however, need the plastic pieces and the wing nuts that fit on the mounting arms. If you'd like to call Gamma to get those, I will sell the machine cheap. It has 2 very good vice clamps to go with it. I haven't used it. Someone I strung...
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    Any tips on how to break the racquet with one elegant swing like Federer?

    I would have forfeited Djokovic for doing that on the playing surface of the court. Outside the lines--maybe just a penalty, but on the court--default.
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    Are there any rackets still made in the USA

    4 banger Mustangs and Camaros are still made and sold in the US
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    Hybrid tension: nat gut mains / multi cross

    I'd string them at the same tension too. Also, just know that you'll probably break the cross strings 1st with this set up.
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    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    @Steve Huff - your post sparked a memory. A friend of mine owns a pro shop. He asked me if I’d help them out with a junior tournament. I strung 12. He was going to pay me and I said “No ——— beer”. We proceeded to a local establishment and drank copious amounts of beer. Rabbit, made your fingers...
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    Strings for a 2.5 Ladies Team

    When I order it, the package does say "classic" on it. I just order Prince Lightning XX16, and this is what comes. Don't think there's any difference. The did have Lightning Power, but haven't seen it for a while.
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    switching..... looking for strings

    Something you might want to try, which might even sound outlandish, is a stiff string (like Tour Bite) at a very low tension--30#. I tried Tour Revolution 17 in a Fisher M Speed 105 at 30#. It ups the spin, and I didn't lose the control I thought I would. The only drawback I could find was...
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    Different Tension for Mains/Crosses in Full Poly?

    TJ--I like how you explained some of the stuff above. I've always maintained that textured or edged strings, while giving more spin, actually decrease control. Your answer explaining launch angle with open string patterns, or too loose of stringbeds, basically states another variable that acts...
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    Around the world w/ a poly string?

    I string almost all rackets using 1 type of string with an ATW pattern, including polys. Never had a problem with it. Strung 4 Babolats the last 2 days, all with poly. If you're using only 46#, I don't think you're going to hurt the string at all.
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    String which is durable but soft

    Klip Legend gut comes in 15L. It actually comes in a thicker 15g if you can find it. You might even be able to get TW to order it for you, but with Klip, the wait might be a while. If you don't want to go with gut, Gamma TNT comes in a 15L, as does Gamma Marathon. Not multi's, but much...
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    Does this mean I need a deader poly?

    No. I would never want a "dead" poly. Mid 40's isn't a bad tension for a lot of polys though.
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    Best Racket For Serve Returns??

    Depending on your playing level. A beginner up to about a 3.5 would probably return best with an oversized racket, at least return a higher percentage. A higher level player will still need some power to just block a serve back with some pace and depth.
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    Eagnas Customer Service and Warehouse

    Ilikephobo--you're lucky you didn't buy the clamps. The posts on the clamps won't fit the Alpha base.
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    Throat grommets - how worn do they get?

    As 10shoe mentioned, the grommets with rubber inserts tend to wear faster than regular plastic grommets. They come in the set, so might as well replace them when you have to replace the bumper guard. The ones I see worn the most are the old Prince O3 and SpeedPort throat grommets. They get...